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MailerLite is an email marketing tool and website builder that focuses on simplicity. By connecting it to Uncanny Automator, your WordPress activity can apply changes to groups and subscribers in MailerLite automatically.

Connect MailerLite to WordPress

Connecting your MailerLite account to WordPress via Uncanny Automator requires that you first set up a MailerLite account. Once set up, Automator requires an API key to make requests in MailerLite on your behalf.

Please note too that MailerLite has several versions. If the steps below don’t reflect what you see in your account, refer to for other MailerLite versions.  MailerLite Classic is not supported as it was officially retired in March, 2022. A migration guide is available here.

To add an API key to Automator:

  1. Sign into your MailerLite account.
  2. From your dashboard, click the Integrations menu entry on the left.
    MailerLite Integrations
  3. In the list of integrations, click the Use button for the API integration.
  4. Click the Generate new token button to create an API key.
    Generate MailerLite API key
  5. Name your token (something like “Uncanny Automator” is fine), agree to the terms and click the Create token button.
  6. Copy the token to your clipboard. This is the API key that we’ll use in Automator.
  7. On your WordPress site, navigate to Automator > Settings > App integrations > MailerLite in /wp-admin/.
  8. Paste the API key you copied in step 6 into the API token field in the Automator settings.
  9. Click the Connect MailerLite account button.

That’s it! MailerLite can now be included in your Automator recipes.

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