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With Uncanny Automator and OptinMonster, you have fine-grained controls for displaying opt-ins, announcements and notices to your users.  Choose which trigger or set of triggers must be completed before users see your OptinMonster campaign.  Here are a few ideas:

  • When a user posts a topic in a specific bbPress forum, display a campaign that invites them to join a related forum.
  • When user purchases a specific WooCommerce product, display a popup with a coupon code for a discount on a complementary product
  • When a user completes a MemberPress course AND fills out a post-course WPForms survey, display a campaign that congratulates them with a link to purchase the follow-up course

This gives OptinMonster users even more flexibility when building their websites and apps!

Setting up your OptinMonster campaign

The first step is to set up the campaign that you’d like to trigger with Uncanny Automator.  How you set up the campaign will depend on how you want the campaign to appear on-screen (pop-up, slide in, etc.) and whether you want to collect information from the user or simply display information to the user.  Refer to the OptinMonster documentation if you’re looking for pointers on setting up your campaign.

When it comes to setting up the Display Rules to determine when users will see your campaign, you can choose any options you like; Uncanny Automator will work with all of them.  If you don’t want users to see the campaign unless they trigger the recipe, then you can choose MonsterLink (On Click).

Once you’ve set up your OptinMonster campaign, you’ll want to install and configure the OptinMonster plugin on your site.

Setting up a custom OptinMonster trigger with Uncanny Automator

Once you’ve got your campaign and the OptinMonster plugin set up, you can create an Uncanny Automator recipe with the triggers that you want users to complete before the campaign is displayed. If you’re setting up a recipe for logged-in users, you can even require that users complete multiple triggers to display the campaign.

After you’ve set up your triggers, you’ll then want to go to the Action section to configure the OptinMonster Show a campaign action.

When choosing which campaign to display to your users, you’ll be able to select from any existing campaigns in your OptinMonster account (with the exception of Inline campaigns, as they are static and cannot be trigger dynamically).  Simply select the campaign you want to be displayed when the user completes the triggers in your recipe, set the recipe to live, and you’ve got a custom trigger for your OptinMonster campaign!

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