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Harness the power of user meta data in WordPress

Everyone is different, and that’s as true in WordPress as it is in real life. People have job titles, schools, cities, and other details that makes them unique. Capturing that data in WordPress makes it easier to personalize experiences, create better reports and build efficient workflows.

WordPress’ flexible architecture makes it possible to store almost any user data in user meta, which is simply a fancy name for custom data associated with each user.

This is where WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and LearnDash store billing information, course enrollment records, and any other user data they need.

Managing User Meta Data in WordPress

While WordPress’ user meta data is very flexible and powerful, it isn’t easy for site administrators to manage this data or store additional data they may want to collect.

Doing so typically requires custom development, working with cryptic “meta keys” and expensive plugins that add support for custom profile fields.

Enter the Uncanny Automator Custom User Fields Addon.

The Custom User Fields Addon makes it easy to manage custom data for your WordPress users.

Define any custom user data you want

Create new fields for whatever user information is important for your business, school or organization.
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Seamless integration with other plugins

Support for custom user meta keys lets you add new fields that link to user meta records created by other WordPress plugins.

Display custom user data on your site

Output custom field data on the front end of your site anywhere you want to using the included shortcodes to build a personalized experience for your users.

Seamless integration with Uncanny Automator

Use included triggers and actions to run automations based on custom user data. Leverage data from custom user fields in your Automator recipes with new tokens and conditions.

Seamless integration with WordPress

View and edit custom user profile fields easily in all of the places you would expect, like WordPress’ default edit user page.

How do I get the Custom User Fields Addon?

The Custom User Fields Addon is included free with every Uncanny Automator Business or Agency annual license.

FAQ and resources

Have a question about the Uncanny Automator Custom User Fields Addon? We can help!

While Uncanny Automator is a free plugin available on, there is no free version or demo of the Custom User Fields Addon. Upgrade to a Business or Agency license for the Custom User Fields Addon as well as advanced features like delays, scheduling, conditions, user creation and more. All paid licenses also add hundreds of additional triggers, actions and tokens.
Anyone looking to build a personalized experience for their users could benefit from the ability to store, manage and display custom user info with the Custom User Fields Addon. The addon also makes it easy to build workflows that automatically adapt to each user’s unique profile or preferences.
With the Custom User Fields Addon, anyone can add custom user fields in seconds—no coding skills needed! Use a simple GUI to add, remove or edit custom user fields. Added fields are automatically made available in the most useful locations and screens.
No! Once you’ve installed the custom user fields addon, you can create as many custom user fields as you need.
Check out the KB articles for additional info on the Custom User Fields Addon.
We offer a 14-day, no questions asked refund policy for all paid license purchases. There’s no risk to trying out Uncanny Automator!
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