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Triggers for logged-in users
A user earns greater than, less than, or equal to a number of a specific type of points in a single transaction
  • Point type
  • Points
  • Condition
A user attains a rank
  • Rank type
  • Rank
A user earns a number of a specific type of points
  • Point type
  • Points
A user earns an achievement
  • Achievement type
  • Award
  • Image URL
  • Achievement ID
A user's total points reaches a specific threshold
  • Point type
  • Point threshold
  • Previous point total
  • New point total
An achievement is revoked from the user
  • Achievement type
  • Award
Award a rank to the user
Award an achievement to the user
Award points to the user
Revoke a rank from the user
Revoke all of a certain type of points from the user
  • Action fields
  • The user's previous points total
  • The user's new points total
Revoke an achievement from the user
Revoke points from the user
The user's points type meets a condition

Sample recipes

Discover thousands of ways to improve your users' experience with GamiPress

When users complete a course, award them achievement points

When a comment is submitted on a post, add a point to a user's total

When users purchase a product, add points to their account

When a user earns 100 points, congratulate the user in the sitewide activity feed

When a user's role changes to member, award an achievement

When users earn a rank, add them to a membership

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