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Installing Uncanny Automator

Install the free version

The free version of Uncanny Automator is hosted in the repository, so installing it on your WordPress site couldn’t be easier.

Sign into your website as an administrator, and in /wp-admin/, navigate to Plugins > Add New. In the search field, enter “Uncanny Automator”. See the image below for more context.

In the Search Results, click the Install Now button for Automator. Once it finishes installing, click Activate.


That’s it! Uncanny Automator is installed and ready for use.

Please note that you must have the free version installed first to use Uncanny Automator Pro.

The setup wizard

After activation, you will be redirected to the Uncanny Automator dashboard. From here, you can connect an account, watch tutorials or read articles in our Knowledge Base.

Connecting a free account is an optional step allows you to try out some of the App non-WordPress Automator integrations (like Slack, Google Sheets and Facebook) but it is not required to use anything else in the free version.

Install Uncanny Automator Pro

Uncanny Automator Pro is a separate plugin from our free version, and to use Pro features, you must have both Uncanny Automator AND Uncanny Automator Pro installed and active.

If you don’t yet have a copy of Automator Pro, you can purchase one from

Once purchased, you can download the latest version of Uncanny Automator Pro inside your account on our website at

To install the Pro version after downloading the zip file, navigate to Plugins > Add New in /wp-admin/. At the top of the page, click the Upload Plugin button. Click Choose File to select the Pro zip file, the Install Now and Activate the plugin.

Once activated, be sure to visit Automator > Settings in /wp-admin/ to enter your license key. This unlocks access to automatic updates and unlimited use of non-WordPress integrations in your recipes.

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