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Sample recipes

Discover thousands of ways to improve your users' experience with Emails

When users join a network site, notify the associate site admin

When users complete a purchase, queue a series of emails

When users submit a registration form, queue a series of onboarding emails

When a survey includes negative feedback, notify the admin and record results in Airtable

Send a promotional email to all customers who purchased a specific product

When users purchase a product, tag them in a CRM and queue onboarding emails

What is Uncanny Automator?

Your WordPress site uses plugins to add new features and functionality. Normally, these plugins are independent and can't talk to each other. Uncanny Automator connects plugins to each other so that you can create time-saving workflows that improve the user experience and save you money.

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Find out how the Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin can save you time and money while making your site easier to use and more personalized
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