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With Uncanny Automator, you can connect your WordPress site to HubSpot in just a few clicks.  Automatically push contact form submissions to HubSpot and add users to and remove users from lists when they perform actions on your site.  It’s like having tags in HubSpot!

If you have the free version of Uncanny Automator, you’ll first need to connect your site with a free Uncanny Automator account, which will give you 250 free app credits to use with Hubspot.  If you have Uncanny Automator Pro, simply activate your Pro license key to get unlimited app credits.

Once you’ve connected your free account or activated your Pro license key, return to the recipe page and click on the HubSpot icon.

You should see a dialog appear with a link to connect your HubSpot account to Uncanny Automator.


Click Connect account, which opens the HubSpot settings page in a new window.  Click Connect an account. You’ll be prompted to connect your HubSpot account to Uncanny Automator.

For the initial release in Automator 3.3, Hubspot will warn users that the app is not approved by Hubspot. This warning will be removed shortly and we will remove this reference when approval is complete.

After closing that window, your recipe page will reload and you can now add the desired Hubspot action to your recipe:


That’s it!  You can now automatically send new contacts to your HubSpot account and add contacts to lists to track their activity or segment them based on actions they take on your site..

Note: Contacts need to be added to HubSpot before adding them to lists.  If you’re not sure whether contacts will already be in HubSpot when the recipe runs, always use the action Add a user/contact to HubSpot before adding them to lists.

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