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Microsoft Teams (Beta)

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that combines chat, video meetings and file-sharing into a single workplace. The Uncanny Automator integration with MS Teams allows creating teams and posting content based on activity on a WordPress site. To get started, you must first connect your MS Teams account to Automator.

Important: Before you start

The Microsoft Teams integration can only be used by Microsoft “work” accounts and organizations. Personal accounts will not work, and the app itself must be connected by an organization’s administrator. Set up organizations and app access are typically managed at the Azure level and are unfortunately beyond the scope of what we can support via our Help Desk. The limitations for work accounts and third-party integration access are set by Microsoft.

Connect a Microsoft Teams account

The first step for setting up MS Teams actions is connecting a Teams account, which you can do from the Automator menu in /wp-admin/ under Settings > App integrations > Microsoft Teams, or you can use the Connect option inside your edit recipe page. Make sure that you grant all permissions to the app during when it’s connected.

Before you make the connection, we recommend signing in to the correct Teams admin account before clicking the Sign In button in the Automator settings. This can help to ensure that the correct work or school admin account is signed in and will be associated with your MS Teams integration.

To connect your account, you will see a page like the image below; click Sign in with Microsoft at the bottom.


Connect Uncanny Automator to Microsoft Teams

On the Microsoft authentication page, click Yes to grant the Automator app access to your MS Teams account. Make sure the account you grant access to is also the account you use for your MS Teams access.

Once connected, you will be returned to the Automator settings page for Microsoft Teams and you can start including MS Teams actions in your recipes.

Important: The steps above may vary depending on how your Microsoft account and organization are set up.

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