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Uncanny Continuing Education Credits

The Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin makes it easy to track credits for almost anything at all when paired with Uncanny Automator. While it is typically used with LearnDash, that LMS plugin is not required and the plugin can be used to track credits for Tutor LMS, Lifter LMS, or really anything at all.

Creating new credit records in an action requires that the following fields be populated:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Number of Credits to award

Refer to the image below for more details:

Uncanny CEUs and Automator

All 3 fields must be populated with valid records or the recipe will fail. In most cases, we strongly recommend using the Current Date token to populate todays date, otherwise it’s very important that the value passed in match the format that’s expected.

Recipes should be set up to award a particular credit once only. Description values that are not unique or awarded multiple times will update the existing record with a matching name, or in some recipe situations, result in an error.

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