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Send a certificate

This integration requires Uncanny Automator Pro and LearnDash.

The “Send a certificate” action allows you to send LearnDash certificates for almost anything, like the completion of lessons, topics, course combinations, live events, purchases and more. Certificates are sent as attachments to email notifications.

LearnDash Certificate actions

Before adding the action to a recipe, create a new certificate in LearnDash first. A regular LearnDash certificate should be used; the LearnDash Certificate Builder plugin is not compatible with this action.

On the certificate edit page, add the featured image (i.e. the certificate background) to the certificate only. Other content to be overlayed on top of the background image should be added to the action itself.

Since certificates generated by this action are not associated with any particular course or quiz, the [courseinfo] and [quizinfo] shortcodes do not render any information.  Consequently, certificates that contain these shortcodes are not listed in the Certificate dropdown in this action.

When adding content for a certificate inside the action (inside the Certificate Body field), remember to use tokens for records like user information and date rather than shortcodes. As an Automator recipe, only tokens can be rendered, not shortcodes.

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