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Help Scout

Help Scout is a popular help desk, live chat and knowledge sharing platform. By connecting it to WordPress, you can create new conversations, have conversations send notifications (like in Slack and WhatsApp) and more.

Connect WordPress to Help Scout

The first step in connected Help Scout to Uncanny Automator is to authorize the Automator Help Scout app to use your account. To connect your account, perform the following:

  1. On your WordPress site, navigate to Automator > Settings > App integrations > Help Scout in /wp-admin/.
  2. Click the Connect Help Scout account button.
  3. In the Help Scout page asking for permission to access your account, click Authorize. Help Scout will redirect you to the Automator settings page.

Uncanny Automator is now connect to Help Scout and Help Scout actions can now be included in recipes.

Send Help Scout triggers to WordPress

To also allow support for Help Scout triggers, Help Scout needs to be set up to send data to Automator when activities are performed in Help Scout. This requires taking some data from Automator and pasting it into Help Scout.

To connect Help Scout to WordPress:

  1. On the Help Scout settings page in Uncanny Automator, toggle the switch to Enable triggers. You will no see values for a Secret key and Callback URL.
    Help Scout settings
  2. Open your account in Help Scout and navigate to Manage > Apps.
  3. Search for Webhooks and select it.
  4. Click on the Install App button to create start setting it up.
  5. In the Webhooks > Settings panel that appears, paste in the Secret Key and Callback URL from the Automator site that you exposed in step 1 above.
  6. Set the Webhooks app to Active, choose the events associated with triggers you plan to use, and then choose the Mailboxes that will pass data to Automator. Your settings should look something like this:
    Help Scout webhook settings
  7. Once everything is set up, click Save to commit the changes.
    Tip: Use the “New Webhook” link at the bottom of the screenshot if you need to use additional webhooks. If you use Automator on multiple sites connected to a single Help Scout account, this setting will be important.

Once saved, Help Scout triggers will be available in your Uncanny Automator recipes.

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