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An Integromat action in Uncanny Automator usually acts as a trigger for a Scenario.

Create a Scenario Trigger

You obviously need to have an Integromat account to start with.

  1. On your dashboard, start by clicking  + Create a new Scenario button.
  2. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to select services. Search and locate Webhooks as a service:
  3. You may or may not select other services for your scenario at this point. On the scenario editor, click the Webhooks service to display a list of triggers and actions available for Webhooks:
  4. Select the Custom webhook trigger to reveal a form to select a webhook:
  5. . Click the Add button to reveal another form that allows adding a new webhook. Give it a sensible name:
  6. Hit Save to reveal a panel that generates a unique URL for this webhook trigger. Copy this URL for use inside your Automator recipe:
  7. You don’t have to set up any special data structures because Integromat will gather this information from whatever you set up in the Automator recipe in the next step. However, you can go ahead and set up specific structures if you need to. See more:

Connect Recipe Action with Scenario

  1. In your recipe, select Integromat under actions and select the one with webhook:
  2. Selecting this should reveal a detailed form where you’d paste the Integromat webhook’s URL:
  3. You can set up the Headers and Fields that you need for your scenario from tokens that come from the recipe’s triggers.

That’s it. With these instructions, you should be able to connect your Automator Recipe to an Integromat Scenario such that triggers in the recipe set off scenarios in Integromat. Happy automation!

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