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What are Credits?

Uncanny Automator can connect to more than just WordPress plugins and sites, it supports third-party integrations with apps like Google Sheets, Facebook, Slack and more. These are premium integrations provided to Pro users as part of their purchases and renewals, and in the Uncanny Automator 3.1 release, limited usage is provided to free plugin users to try things out. (“Premium” integrations are ones that require you to connect an account or enter API details for a non-WordPress service.)

Credits are for free plugin users

To allow free plugin users to try things out, we offer a “credit” system. When a new Automator user creates a free account, they are automatically granted 1,000 Automator credits. Each time a recipe passes data to another system, like creating a new row in a Google Sheet or registering someone in a Zoom webinar, it uses 1 credit. We track used credits by user account and by WordPress install (so if you use the free version on multiple sites, your 1,000 free credits are shared across the sites).

The Pro version of Uncanny Automator includes unlimited credits.  Users often start on the free version and then upgrade when they realize how much more time they could save with access to the full library of integrations, triggers and actions and unlimited credits for connecting their site to all of the other apps and services they use.

Track your credits

The Automator > Dashboard page on your site in /wp-admin/ show how many credits you have used and how many are still available. If you need more, you can upgrade at any time unlock unlimited use of the Premium integrations.

Track Automator Credits

Integrations that use credits

Credits are needed for premium integrations that connect with third-party services using an API. Typically these are ones where you need to authorize your account with the other provider to connect Uncanny Automator.

Here’s a list of integrations that currently use credits:

Staging and Development Sites for Pro users

All production websites using Uncanny Automator Pro must have a license key activated to unlock unlimited use of the Premium integrations. We do allow use of the Pro plugin on Development and Staging sites, and use of recipes is unlimited on those sites except for the Premium integrations. If you are testing Automator Pro updates in non-live environments and not using one of your site licenses for that testing, credits will be limited to the 1,000 provided to sites that don’t have an active Pro license key.

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