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GoToWebinar is a popular online conference platform used by many organizations to deliver web-based training and meetings.

Before starting

Here’s what you need before we dive into the tutorial:

How to set up a GoToWebinar application

Uncanny Automator uses OAuth for all its video conferencing integrations; this approach improves security compared to alternatives. To connect Automator to your GoToWebinar account, you must set up an OAuth client. It only takes a few minutes and will help to ensure the security of your account.

1. Visit and sign in to your GoToWebinar account.

2. Navigate to the OAath Clients tab and click the link to Create a new client.

3. On the Details tab, enter a Client name. This can be anything you want to use.

4.  Copy the OAuth URL from the GoToWebinar tab in Automator, and paste it into the Redirect URL for OAuth in GoToWebinar.

Here’s an example of what the OAuth URL will look like.


5. Click Next to save your changes.

Create GoToWebinar OAuth client

6. In the Scopes tab, check GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or GoToTraining and Admin Center, then click Next.

Add GoToWebinar Scopes

7. In the Credentials tab, copy the Client ID and Client secret values. Paste these into the Consumer Key and Consumer secret fields on your WordPress site under Automator > Settings in the GoToWebinar tab. Click Save API details.

8. Switch back to the GoToWebinar site where you are creating the client and check the I have stored the client secret checkbox, then click Done. Automator is now connected to your GoToWebinar account.

GoToWebinar Client ID and Client Secret

Once your client key and client secret are saved, you’ll see GoToWebinar actions show up in your recipes.

GoToWebinar Settings

Now that your GoToWebinar account is connected to Automator, you can add and remove users from specific meetings based on purchase, elearning course activity, event registration or any other triggers you want to use.

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