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Google Calendar (Beta)

About the beta

Google Calendar was introduced as a beta integration in Uncanny Automator 4.1.  There are only 90 spots available in the beta, and once they’re filled, it won’t be possible to use the integration until the final release is available.

Note: This integration requires Uncanny Automator Pro or a free Automator account with available credits.

Connect a Google Account

To get started with Google Calendar (Beta), connect Automator to your Google account:

    1. Visit Automator > Settings in /wp-admin/ on  your website.
    2. In the Google Calendar tab, click Connect Google account.
    3. While the Google Calendar integration is in beta, you’ll need to approve the unverified Uncanny Automator Google app.  To do so, click Advanced:
    4. Then click Go to (unsafe):
    5. In the list of required permissions, make sure everything is checked off. Sometimes the last 2 checkboxes are unchecked by default.
    6. Click Allow to let Automator access your Google Calendars.

Once this is done, a success message will be displayed on your website and the Google Calendar actions will be available.  Once set up, Automator can be used to add new events to a Google Calendar and/or add/remove attendees from existing events.

Note: Only calendars that you have read/write access to will be available for use by Uncanny Automator. 

Add an event to a Google Calendar from WordPress

To configure the Add an event to a Google Calendar action:

  1. Choose the Google Calendar integration in the Actions list.
  2. Choose the Add an event to a Google Calendar action.
  3. Select the calendar you would like the event added to.
  4. Fill out the required fields: Title, Start date and End date.
  5. If desired, fill out the optional fields: Location, Description, Start time, End time, Attendees, and Notification settings.
  6. Save your updates and make sure the triggers, actions and recipe are all live.

Add an attendee to or remove an attendee from an event in a Google Calendar

These actions enables you to add an attendee to or remove an attendee from an existing Google Calendar event.

  1. Choose the Google Calendar integration in the Actions list.
  2. Choose the desired Google Calendar action.
  3. Select the calendar that contains the desired event.  The Event dropdown is automatically populated.
  4. Select the desired event.
  5. Enter the email address of the attendee.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Attendees will be sent email notifications from Google Calendar.
  • To create an all-day event, simply leave the Start time and End time fields blank.
  • The Add/Remove attendees actions accept a single attendee per action.  To add or remove multiple attendees in a single recipe, use multiple actions.
  • You can change your connected Google account from the Automator Settings page, but you can only have one connected account at a time. Be very careful changing the account; it may break existing recipes.
  • If you are connected to Google but values in the recipe drop-down lists aren’t loading, it’s likely a permissions issue. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your account and make sure ALL checkboxes are checked; sometimes the 2 at the bottom of the permissions page are not.
  • If you decide to change your permissions or want to review what Uncanny Automator is allowed to do, please refer to this Google Support article:
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