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Google Sheets

This integration requires Uncanny Automator Pro.

Uncanny Automator Pro 2.10 and later supports connecting your website to Google Sheets to pass WordPress data to existing worksheets.

To get started with Google Sheets, connect Automator to your Google account:

  1. Visit Automator > Settings in /wp-admin/ on  your website.
  2. In the Google tab, click Connect an account.
  3. During the Google Sheets beta, you will see a warning that Google hasn’t verified the app. Click the Advanced link, then the Go to link.
  4. Click Allow to let Automator access your Google Drive files and spreadsheets.

Once this is done, a success message will be displayed on your website and the Google Sheets action will be available.

To configure the Create a row action in Google sheets:

  1. Choose the Google Sheets integration in the Actions list.Google Sheets Integration
  2. Choose the action to use in your recipe.
  3. Make selections for the DriveSpreadsheet and Worksheet for your account. These values determine where the rows will be added and what columns will be available.
  4. After clicking the Get columns button, you will see a list of columns for your worksheet on the left and a list of values on the right.
  5. For each row, populate the Value that you want to add. In most cases, you will want to choose tokens from the triggers or the system by choosing the * icon to the right of the field. (You cannot add or remove rows from the Google Sheet, you can only add rows for the existing columns. If you add or remove rows in Google Sheets itself, make sure you click Get Columns again.)
  6. Save your updates and make sure the triggers, actions and recipe are all live.

Connect Automator to Google Sheets


  • You can change your connected Google account from the Automator Settings page, but you can only have one connected account at a time. Be very careful changing the account; it may break existing recipes.
  • If you decide to change your permissions or want to review what Uncanny Automator is allowed to do, please refer to this Google Support article:
  • All connections are limited to no more than 300 writes per minute. This is controlled by Google and will be increased soon, but for very high-traffic sites passing a lot of data to Google Sheets this is an important consideration.
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