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10 Things To Do After Purchasing Uncanny Automator

So you’ve just purchased Uncanny Automator Pro and now you’re wondering, “How do I start saving time and money?” First things first, clear your calendar and make sure that your passport is up-to-date—you’re about to have enough free time to book that sun-filled vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Next on the agenda; read through this list of the first ten things you should do after purchasing Uncanny Automator Pro.

In this quick guide, we’ll run you through the basics and set you up for success with some simple, yet very powerful, WordPress automations. You’re just a few clicks away from that all-inclusive vacation you never had the time for—until now!

1. Bone Up on the Basics in Our Knowledge Base

Your vacation planner wouldn’t send you deep-sea diving if you’ve never been snorkeling. And we wouldn’t want to introduce you to Automator’s advanced features—like multi-site webhooks and magic buttons—without first ensuring you’re comfortable with its core functionalities.

Whether you’re brand new to Uncanny Automator or you’ve recently upgraded to Automator Pro, we recommend quickly boning up on the basics. Bookmark our rich Knowledge Base for future reference on advanced features such as action tokens and filters or put your goggles on and briefly browse our Getting Started section.

In our experience, these are some of the more popular introductory guides:

Creating a Recipe


Managing Recipes with Multiple Triggers


Managing Recipes with Multiple Actions


2. Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

Creating new recipes is about as effortless as lounging poolside with a Mai Tai. But before you guzzle the whole thing down, take a few sips to be sure that you didn’t get a Piña Colada instead. In other words, try creating a few test recipes before you start automating your WordPress website.

Familiarize yourself with Automator logs to ensure that your workflows, well, flow.

Automator Recipe Logs

Then create some simple recipes that incorporate your most frequently used plugins and apps. Get to know the various triggers and actions—and shoot us a suggestion for more in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

3. Send Your WordPress Site Data to Google Sheets or Airtable

From user and post meta to activity logs and analytics, you never know when your site data might come in handy. Data points such as timestamps, entry IDs, user IPs, and page/post views might not be as compelling to pore over as sunset views but they do offer invaluable insights.

Over the years, we’ve learned just how highly our users value their historic data—almost as much as we value them. As such, we’ve created some replace-and-go recipe examples. You can think of these recipes as travel insurance; you never think you’ll need it until you decide to go swimming with sharks (or you really want to use historic data in a recipe).

Connect Your WordPress Website to Google Sheets

Click the link below to learn how to connect your WordPress website to Google Sheets to store information such as form submission dates, contact information, etc.

How to Connect WPForms to Google Sheets


In that specific blog post, we used WPForms but you could replace that plugin with any one of our other form-building integrations such as Formidable Forms, Fluent Forms, or Gravity Forms.

Alternatively, click the link below to learn how to gather custom analytics with metadata that you define. Then update those metrics in Google Sheets in real-time with Automator’s calculations feature.

Turn Automator Into a WordPress Points & Credit System Feature Image


This is data entry the Automator way—i.e., the way that gives you time for parasailing.

Connect Your WordPress Website to Airtable

If you need more than a simple spreadsheet to store your WordPress site data then click the link below to learn how to connect your WordPress website to Airtable.

Connect Your WordPress Website to Airtable with Automator Feature Image


In that blog post, we demonstrate how to connect The Events Calendar to WordPress. However, you could just as easily follow those steps to gather data from your WooCommerce store, your burgeoning blog, or your LearnDash-powered compliance training modules.

With these WordPress automations, you can continue collecting data even as you’re collecting seashells along the seashore.

4. Automate Your Administrative Tasks

Leave your to-do list at home; there’s no room for it in your suitcase. In fact, throw it in the trash. Now that you have Automator Pro, there’s no room for a to-do list at the office either. Identify the administrative tasks that you perform every day and start creating recipes to do them for you!

Connect Your WordPress Website to Google Calendar

Schedule appointments and meetings, send invitations, and save the date with Automator Pro and Google Sheets. We’re not saying that Automator could be your travel agent but it could manage your itinerary. Click the link below to find out how.

How to Connect Formidable Forms to Google Calendar Feature Image


Automate Your Elementor and Divi Builder Plugins

Drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor and Divi make designing your WordPress website quick and easy. Now, if only there was a drag-and-drop airline, we’d all save hours of travel time.

Regardless, pairing Automator with your WordPress page builder can still shave hours off your administrative tasks. Click the link below to learn how to automate your on-boarding process and make macro time-saving improvements to your microinteractions.

automate elementor forms and popups


Connect Your WordPress Website to Slack

Just because you’re out of the office (and in a bathing suit) doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in the loop. Connect your WordPress website to Slack with Automator so that you can receive internal communications on everything from meeting minutes to customer retention. Click the link below to find out how.

how to connect slack to wordpress


Next on your to-do list? Make even more automations!

5. Cancel the Rest, Stick with the Best

Pack light. That’s good advice for going on vacation and for running a WordPress website. With over 100+ integrations (and counting), Automator can replace the expensive plugins and subscriptions that are slowing down your website and biting into your travel budget.

After creating a few recipes, review your active plugins and subscriptions and identify the ones that Automator can replace.

Not sure if Automator can perform the task you’re thinking about? Ask us in the comments section at the bottom of the page or visit our Knowledge Base—that handy, help-at-your-fingertips page you bookmarked earlier.

6. Automatically Share Your Posts to Social Media

Forget connecting flights. Connect your WordPress website to your social media accounts with Uncanny Automator and post, tweet and hashtag your way to sun and sand.

You can find detailed guides on connecting Automator to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in our Knowledge Base. Alternatively, click on either of the links below to learn… “on the fly”. Get it?

how to automatically share wordpress posts to facebook twitter and instagram


Create an Instagram Worthy WordPress Blog with Automator Feature Image


With Automator at your fingertips, the only thing more Instagram-able than your vacation selfies will be your blog posts and product releases!

7. Automate Your E-Commerce Store

Who sells seashells by the seashore? Well, now that you have Automator Pro, you do! And you can sell a lot more than seashells.

When it comes to automating your e-commerce store, there is no plugin more powerful than Uncanny Automator. With dozens of triggers, actions, filters and conditions for WooCommerce alone, there are hundreds (even thousands) of sales-boosting automations at your fingertips. Click the links below to learn how you can continue selling even as you’re soaking in the sun.


Build Customer Loyalty with WooCommerce Store Credit Feature Image


If you’re using Studiocart, follow the link below to see how easy it is to automate your sales funnel and improve your conversion rates.

Do More with Studiocart Sales Funnels & Uncanny Automator Feature Image


8. Personalize the User Experience

Visiting the same tourist sites as everyone else is fun. But wandering off the beaten path and forging your own vacation experience is a lot more fun. Your WordPress site visitors would agree.

Use tokens—dynamic data pulled from your website—to personalize your site visitors’ experiences. For example:

  • Show Elementor popups with exclusive offers only to users with a certain role, email address or membership level.

WordPress Elementor Popup Recipe

  • Personalize automated messages to show your appreciation.

Automator Message Editor

  • Run discount programs with all of your affiliates from a single automation using tokens and filters.

Automator Action Filters

No generic vacation photos here—just Automator-curated site experiences.

9. Stay Connected with Time-Delayed Automations

If you haven’t heard from your site users in a while, it’s entirely possible that they’ve taken a permanent vacation. Or, maybe, they’re just waiting for you to reach out.

More often than not, inactive users aren’t trying to ignore you—they just don’t have Automator to free up their time. Using Automator’s filter and delay features, however, you can send out gentle reminders to your inactive users about their accounts.

For example, automatically add and remove course registrants to your CRM mailing lists based on their site behavior. If a user remains inactive, unenroll them from their courses and start your winback strategy with a refund in the form of a coupon.

Automator Action Filters and Delays

Use Automator’s delay and filter features to never let your customers sail off into the sunset—even as you do.

10. Book Your Vacation

Seriously. Book your vacation. You’ve earned it. Automator will make sure that your WordPress website continues to run smoothly—smoother than ever, in fact. Just make sure to bring us back a souvenir.

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