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Working with Redirects

At the completion of a recipe, you can choose to have users immediately redirect to a specific URL. This will happen automatically when Automator determines that a recipe is complete and all actions have been performed.

This is not a required step and may interrupt what users are doing, so use this option very sparingly. Also make sure that if several recipes could complete at the same time, don’t have more than one set to perform a redirect. Multiple redirects in different recipes executing at the same time will have unpredictable results.

Recipe Redirect

To set up a redirect:

  1. Click the Redirect when recipe is completed checkbox below your actions.
  2. Click the a link text to set a URL.
  3. Enter a URL in the Redirect URL field and save your changes.

That’s it! Please note, however, that redirects will not work for all recipes.

My redirect doesn’t work!

There are unfortunately some situations where Automator unfortunately cannot trigger redirects on behalf of users. Redirects will, for example, fail when recipe completions are triggered by Ajax calls and javascript functions. We cannot, unfortunately, trigger a redirect on LearnDash quiz completion for this reason. Another example is triggering a redirect based on a recipe that includes an xAPI verb as a trigger.

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