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Scheduled Actions

Introduced in Uncanny Automator Pro 3.0, delayed and scheduled actions allow you to choose exactly when an action will run. Perhaps you want it to run 5 minutes after triggers are completed for a user, a year later or on a specific calendar date.

To add a delay or schedule to an action, hover over the action and look for a Delay button on the right side of the action. Automator Delay button

Clicking the button will pop up a model to choose whether to add a Delay or a Schedule to your action. A Delay postpones the action from running until a period of time has elapsed since the triggers have all been completed for the user. If the delay were set for 6 months, and a user completed the recipe triggers on June 25, then the action would run on December 25 for the user. Choosing Schedule, on the other hand, defines on what date and time an action will run. Suppose a Schedule was set for November 12 at 9 AM. User A completes the triggers on June 25, and User B completes the trigger on November 1. The action for both will run on November 12.

Delayed and scheduled Automator actions

Important: If a scheduled date has passed when a user meets the trigger conditions, the scheduled action runs immediately. In other words, suppose an action is scheduled to run on July 10, 2022. A user completes the triggers on August 10, 2022. Since the scheduled date is in the past, the action will not be delayed and will run immediately.

Cancelling delayed and scheduled actions

There will be times when actions are queued but you no longer want them to go out. Fortunately, you can cancel them at any time. To do so, visit your Action log in the Automator menu and look for your actions with a “Scheduled” status. Next to the status value is a “(cancel)” link. Click that to stop the action from running.

Please note that cancelled actions cannot currently be restored.

Cancel a scheduled action

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