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The Best FREE Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2023

There are so many FREE social media plugins for WordPress out there that it can be hard to find the right one. So, we’ve compiled this list of the very best. Scroll away!

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Are you looking for the best FREE social media plugins for WordPress? If you are, then congratulations! You can stop endlessly scrolling through your search results as if it was your Instagram feed. This is the comprehensive list of the best totally FREE social media plugins for any WordPress website in 2023.

Whether you’re a busy blogger, enthusiastic influencer, dynamic developer or WordPress wizard, we’ve got you covered. These free social media plugins are viral sensations that can help you auto-post your WordPress content to social media, encourage social sharing, enable social logins, display social walls and so much more.

But that’s enough setup for now. Let’s find the best free social media plugin for your WordPress site that’ll have your visitors tweeting, hashtagging], reposting and sharing!

How to Choose a Social Media Plugin

The social media plugin that you choose for your WordPress website will depend on how, exactly, you want to integrate your various platforms.

Do you want to create easily retweetable blog content for your readers? Maybe you want to show off your dazzling Pinterest feed as part of your portfolio. Maybe you want synchronicity across all of your platforms. Or, perhaps, you want to create a more immersive web experience for your site visitors by enabling social media logins.

How you choose to integrate social media into your WordPress website will determine the type of social media plugin that you need:

  1. Post-to-Social Plugins

    These plugins allow you to automatically post your WordPress website content to social media. It could be new blog posts, new products, or even user-generated content such as reviews, comments, or celebrations. You’ll want to use these plugins to synchronize your various platforms and promote your content.

  2. Social Sharing Plugins

    This would be the most common type of social media plugin. These plugins allow your users to share your WordPress content (blog posts, products, images, etc.) on their social media accounts with the click of a button. If you want to use digital word-of-mouth to promote your content, then you’ll definitely want one of these plugins.

  3. Click-to-Tweet Plugins

    These plugins are very similar to social sharing plugins but are hyper-focused on creating shareable links for Twitter (or X, as we call it these days). If you’re narrowly focused on your Twitter/X platform, you can opt for one of these plugins and dispense with features that you wouldn’t use in a broader social sharing plugin.

  4. Social Wall Plugins

    If you’re trying to bring the beauty of your social media feed to your WordPress website, then you’re looking for a social wall plugin. These plugins display full or curated content from your various social media platforms right on your WordPress website. These tools are great for content creators that live mainly on their socials or for those with large portfolios that they update regularly.

  5. Social Media Integration

    These aren’t, strictly technically speaking, social media plugins. That is to say, they are plugins geared towards opt-ins, SEO or site performance that also happen to have tremendous social media features. If full social media integration is what you’re after, you’ll want to click Download then Activate on a few of these plugins.

With so many different ways to integrate social media into your WordPress website, we know that it can get a little confusing. As such, we’ve added some tags to each plugin in our list so that you can quickly identify what kind of social media plugin it is and whether or not it’s right for you.

Let’s get scrolling!

1. Uncanny Automator

uncanny automator homepage

Seamlessly integrate your social media and WordPress content with Uncanny Automator. As the #1 automation and integration plugin for WordPress, Automator is the most powerful and dynamic post-to-social media plugin on this list.

With Automator’s intuitive recipe-builder, you can easily push your WordPress content out across your favorite social media platforms. Whether you want to share new blog posts, promote your latest products or even use reviews/comments to spark conversation and boost engagement.

Key Features

Automator is chock-full of features that make seamless integration between your WordPress website and your social media platforms simple. Three key features, however, set Automator apart from the other post-to-social plugins on this list: filters, tokens and delays.

Filters allow you to decide which posts, products and reviews/comments get pushed out across your social media platforms and, more importantly, how. Tokens allow you to use post/product attributes such as tags and categories (or anything you can think of) as hashtags in your posts. And, of course, no post-to-social plugin is complete without the ability to schedule your posts, which is a cinch with delays.

Automator is also the only plugin on this list that integrates with WhatsApp, BuddyBoss and Twilio, extending your social network far beyond the reaches of the Twitterverse and Metaverse.


With the FREE forever version of Uncanny Automator you can make a limited number of posts to social media. However, when you upgrade to Uncanny Automator Pro you can post as many times as you’d like. And, unlike other automation tools, you won’t incur any per-post fees.

Automator Pro will also give you access to plugin and app integrations that you won’t find anywhere else on this list. You’ll be able to integrate your social media accounts with CRMs such as ActiveCampaign or MailPoet and organizational tools such as ClickUp and AirTable.

2. Smash Balloon

Social Wall
smash balloon homepage

Bring the beauty of your social media feeds directly to your WordPress website with Smash Balloon. This social media feeds plugin is the most versatile and comprehensive in its category with tons of features for curation, customization and performance.

Technically speaking, Smash Balloon makes several social media feeds plugins, not just the one. There’s one for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (a.k.a. X), YouTube and Reviews as well as the option to bundle them all.

smash balloon pricing

p.s. Pay no mind to the prices in that screen grab—we’ll provide links to the FREE version of each of Smash Balloon’s plugins below.

Key Features

Every social wall plugin will offer some level of curation and display customization. Few, however, will offer quite as many options as Smash Balloon. Define the order in which your posts appear on your social wall and elevate your display by adjusting widths, heights, image sizes and spacing, background colors and the number of photos and columns.

All of these amazing features come with some performance-enhancing tools as well including mobile responsive design, GDPR compliance and page-builder integration with Divi and Elementor.

For a full list of features, including more information on downtime prevention and SEO boosting, click here.


Smash Balloon offers FREE forever versions of each of their plugins for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reviews.

For developers and social media mavens, Smash Balloon’s All Access Bundle can be used on an unlimited number of websites and includes some impressive additional features. (Lightboxes and playlists, anyone?)

3. Social Warfare

Social Sharing Click-to-Tweet
social warfare homepage

Let’s face it; social media is a battlefield. And, just like in real battle, you need the right tools to execute your strategy. If your social media strategy includes recruiting your site visitors to share your WordPress content, then you’ll want Social Warfare in your arsenal.

Key Features

As a social sharing plugin, Social Warfare comes with standard features such as customizable buttons and versatile button placement. Some standout features, however, make this plugin an ace in battle.

Social Warfare gives you the ability to sort your posts in WordPress based on their popularity across various social media platforms. This way, your site visitors can see your social bona fides right up front. Developers and WordPress novices alike will also love the ability to embed social sharing buttons with a shortcode, giving you guerilla-like control over button placement.


Social Warfare offers a FREE forever plugin with all of the basic features that you’ll need. However, starting at just $29 for a single site, Social Warfare Pro comes with tons of advanced features such as minimum social proof and social authorship in addition to 17 more platforms.

4. Shareaholic

Social Sharing
shareaholic homepage

Social media is addictive—and Shareaholic is the audience growth and engagement tool that understands this better than the rest. If you want to get your site visitors hooked on your content and expand your reach, then Shareaholic has more than enough to get you started.

This all-encompassing plugin, however, has some features that only more advanced WordPress users or experienced marketers will find useful.

Key Features

Shareaholic has all of the standard social sharing features that you’d expect from a WordPress plugin (versatile share button placement, etc.). However, there are two features that will help you determine whether or not this plugin is right for you.

If you’re not afraid of a little code, Shareaholic gives you the ability to turn any element on your web pages into a share link. Additionally, Shareaholic is, in fact, part of a whole suite of tools to help you grow, engage with and even monetize your audience.

Given these two features, Shareaholic is probably best suited for WordPress developers and marketers with some degree of experience.


Shareaholic has a FREE forever plugin that you can download from However, if you really want to maximize what you get out of this plugin, then you may need to consider some of their additional paid tools.

5. AddToAny Share Buttons

Social Sharing
addtoany homepage

Are you looking for a plugin that can take your WordPress content anywhere on the internet? If you are, then you’re probably going to love AddToAny. This is one of the most popular social sharing plugins for WordPress users—and for very good reason.

Key Features

There’s a lot to like about AddToAny but there are some features that make it stand out from the competition. Share counters, flexible button placement and customization are, of course, pretty standard.

However, AddToAny boasts performance-optimized vector share buttons and universal email sharing. In case that wasn’t enough, you can also opt for totally custom share icons so that your brand is always front and center.

You can then track the performance of your content and share links with Google Analytics integration.


With so many great features, AddToAny could be a premium plugin. Thankfully, however, in keeping with the theme of our list, it’s FREE forever!

6. Ultimately Social

Social Sharing
ultimately social homepage

Getting your WordPress content to travel far and wide across the internet is ultimately the goal when you hit “Publish”. That’s why, if you’re looking for a social sharing plugin, Ultimately Social is probably the plugin that you’re looking for.

This social media plugin is one of the biggest on this list, with more social media platform integrations than we can hope to count.

Key Features

There are a few good reasons why Ultimately Social has more than 200,000 active installations. For starters, it’s a behemoth of a plugin with all of the must-have social sharing features that you’ll need.

Select your button placement, create opt-in popups for your mailing list or social media accounts and design your sharing icons to suit your site’s theme. But the features that ultimately make Ultimately Social one of the best social sharing plugins are animated icons, multiple actions from a single share button and button share counts.

Also, if you’re looking for the whole suite of social media platforms, from Airbnb to Zynga, then you’ll definitely want to consider Ultimately Social.


Ultimately Social wouldn’t have made our list of the best free social media plugins for WordPress if it wasn’t FREE forever. However, if you’re looking for the full list of social media platform integrations, responsive icons and styled themes, then you’ll need to upgrade to Ultimately Social Premium.

7. Simple Social Buttons

Social Sharing Click-to-Tweet
simple social buttons homepage

Sharing your WordPress content on social media should be simple, and it is with Simple Social Buttons by WPBrigade. This plugin can help you to increase your visibility, enhance your user experience and generate brand awareness.

Key Features

Simple Social Buttons allows you to embed clickable icons just about anywhere on your website, including within images and videos. It’s also easy to set up and mobile responsive so, if you’re not a developer, you really don’t have to worry about functionality.

The key feature for Social Share Buttons, however, is (in our humble opinion) full integration with WooCommerce. By allowing your customers to share their favorite products on their social media platforms, you can generate priceless word-of-mouth advertising. And it won’t cost you anything!


Simple Social Buttons is FREE forever. Developers, avid bloggers or WooCommerce store owners might want to upgrade to a paid plan for greater button customization and priority support.

8. Social Share Pro

Social Sharing
social share pro homepage

Whether you have a million followers or you’re just starting to build your audience, there’s no reason that you can’t post like a pro. All you’ll need is Social Share Pro. This social sharing plugin is one of the best on this list with some features and integrations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Key Features

One of the features that we love most about Social Share Pro is the flexible button placement. In addition to floating bars and anchored buttons, you can use a shortcode to place the share buttons of your choice anywhere you’d like.

Social Share Pro is also one of the few plugins on this list (and one of the only ones we know of) with a social share button for Houzz. This makes Social Share Pro a great option for WordPress blogs and businesses focused on architecture, interior design, decorating, landscaping and home improvement.


In spite of what the plugin’s name suggests, Social Share Pro is FREE forever. The premium version adds more customization options and a suite of additional social media platforms (including Spotify) but going premium isn’t necessary to post like a pro.

9. Juicer

Social Wall
juicer homepage

Want to squeeze every ounce of beauty out of your social media platforms? Then you’re probably looking for Juicer. This social wall plugin aggregates your feeds from your various social media accounts into a beautiful social wall for your WordPress website.

If you’re primarily a social media content creator or have a social-first marketing strategy, then you’ll want a social wall plugin like Juicer.

Key Features

For a free social media plugin, Juicer is surprisingly packed with cool and useful features. Of course, you’ll be able to aggregate all of your social media content and curate what gets posted to your wall. Additionally, Juicer comes with content moderation options so that you can always ensure your social wall stays on-brand.


juicer pricing options

If you’re not a prolific poster, then Juicer’s FREE forever Small plan is perfect for you. Once you reach influencer level status, however, upgrading to a larger plan is still cost-effective.

10. ShareThis

Social Sharing
sharethis homepage

The whole point of social media is to share the things that interest you with the people closest to you. ShareThis is the social sharing plugin that takes the idea of shareable content to the next level.

Strictly technically speaking, ShareThis has three separate social media plugins; one for sharing, one for follows and one for reactions. But those three plugins add a few features to your WordPress website that you likely won’t find anywhere else—at least not for free.

Key Features

One of the reasons that we love ShareThis over other social sharing plugins is because it brings more social media features to your WordPress website.

Not only can your site visitors share your content, but ShareThis adds follow and reaction buttons to create a more seamless experience between your website and your social media accounts.


ShareThis wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t FREE forever! Download the Share Buttons plugin, Follow Buttons plugin and Reaction Buttons plugin to spread the love.

11. FS Poster Lite

fs poster homepage

If you’re trying to spread the WordPress word far and wide, then you might be looking for FS Poster Lite. This dedicated post-to-social plugin allows you to push your WordPress content out across your social media platforms.

With FS Poster Lite, you can share your content on Facebook, Twitter (X), Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Odnoklassniki and Reddit. The paid version of the platforms adds more platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Key Features

Two of the features that we love most with FS Poster Lite are shared post logs and link tracking.

Shared post logs are exactly what they sound like; an easily accessible dashboard with logs of the posts that you’ve shared to social media. These logs also put key metrics (such as likes and comments) right at your fingertips.

Link tracking lets you see click counts and compare performance across your various social media platforms. This way, you can optimize your content for the platform(s) that gives you the most traction.


FS Poster Lite will be good enough for most WordPress users. However, with limited social platforms and a five-post-per-day limit, FS Poster Lite might not be right for prolific posters.

If you have multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms, then you may need to consider upgrading to FS Poster Premium.

Not sure if FS Poster Lite has everything you need? Check out this side-by-side comparison of Lite vs. Premium.

12. Social Snap

Post-to-Social (Pro) Social Sharing Click-to-Tweet
social snap homepage

Ever wish you could snap your fingers to improve user engagement? With Social Snap, you kind of can. Social Snap is as close to an all-in-one social media plugin as you can get, minus a social wall.

Key Features

As with any social sharing plugin, Social Snap allows you to customize your social sharing buttons and place them wherever you’d like. However, Social Snap is also more than just a social sharing plugin.

Some of the features that set Social Snap apart from other social media plugins for WordPress are social login, content protection and post-to-social (or auto-posting). You can use these features to collect reader contact information, create social proof and grow your audience.

Unfortunately, however, you can only find these more advanced features in Social Snap Pro.


Social Snap’s core features (plus a few extras) are all included in the FREE forever plugin. However, you’ll need to upgrade to Social Snap Pro in order to gain access to the features that make this the all-in-one social media plugin.

13. Better Click to Tweet

better click to tweet homepage

If you’re narrowly focused on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter (a.k.a. X), then you’ll want to check out Better Click to Tweet. There are no additional features or social media platforms so you can keep your WordPress website lean and fast.

Key Features

Better Click to Tweet adds a block to the Gutenberg editor in which you can include your most “tweetable” quote. Your site visitors will see a simple and sleek button to spread the word across the Twitterverse. It’s a lightweight, no nonsense plugin that makes going viral as simple as clicking.


Better Click to Tweet is FREE forever. There are, however, premium add-ons that allow you to customize the appearance of the Click to Tweet block and add UTM tags so you can track the performance of each link.

14. JetPack Social

jetpack social homepage

If you’ve ever wanted to strap a jetpack to your WordPress website and send your user engagement metrics to the moon, then you’re probably looking for JetPack Social. Whatever your social media goals, as one of only three plugins on this list with free post-to-social capabilities, JetPack Social is definitely worth considering.

The only reason that JetPack Social didn’t crack the top ten on this list is because of the limited number of social media platforms it connects to. Specifically, heavy Twitters users will notice that JetPack Social doesn’t auto-post to the all-important X-Force (a.k.a. Twitterverse).

Key Features

As with any post-to-social plugin, JetPack Social allows you to push your WordPress content out across your social media platforms. But where JetPack stands out is in its ability to optimize your WordPress content for social media.

JetPack social has a Social Image Generator that allows you to differentiate between your WordPress featured images and the images that go out across your socials. You can easily select from any number of templates and customize the titles and text overlays.

Unfortunately, some of JetPack Social’s more powerful features such as the Social Image Generator are only included in the Advanced Plan.


JetPack Social’s FREE forever plugin allows you to share up to 30 posts. If you’re not harnessing the power of the X-Force and you want more features such as video sharing and multi-image support, then check out JetPack Social Advanced.

15. MashShare

Social Sharing
mashshare homepage

“Smash that like button!” has become the ubiquitous call-to-action for countless social media content creators. With MashShare by WPChill, you can bring that level of excitement to your WordPress website. It’s a no-frills social sharing plugin with all of the features that you want and none of the fluff that you don’t.

Key Features

MashShare doesn’t necessarily have any exceptional features. But it does have just about everything you could expect from a free social media plugin for WordPress.

You can select from any number of button positions, including sticky bars and floating bars, customize the button display and even the call-to-action. Of course, MashShare is 100% mobile responsive and gives developers full control with custom CSS.

MashShare integrates with some of the most popular social media platforms, including Pinterest, Weibo and WhatsApp. However, those looking to share their WordPress content on Instagram will have to find another solution.


MashShare has a FREE forever plugin that most WordPress users will find perfectly adequate for their needs. However, WordPress developers or those looking for click-to-tweet capabilities will need to upgrade to at least MashShare Business.

16. Heateor

Social Sharing
super socializer plugin

Are you trying to heat up your WordPress website? Then try out Heateor. Technically, Heator is the team behind several free and premium plugins, most of them geared towards social media integration.

Each of Heateor’s plugins has its own unique set of features so you can pick and choose what works best for your WordPress website.

Key Features

The features you get with Heateor depends on which of their plugins you choose. For those looking for more than just a social share plugin, we recommend Super Socializer.

In addition to the usual social sharing plugin features, Super Socializer allows social login for dozens of social media plugins. And for the SEO-conscious amongst us, Super Socializer also enables URL shortening and customization.

We also recommend that you check out some of Heateor’s other plugins; Social Comments and Sassy Social Share.


All of Heateor’s plugins are FREE forever with premium addons to enhance customizability and enhance features.

17. Monarch by Elegant Themes

Social Sharing
monarch homepage

It’s not free, but it’s still good!

If your WordPress page-builder of choice is Divi and you’re looking for a social media plugin to spread your WordPress content far across the internet, then look no further. Monarch—brought to you Elegant Themes, the company behind Divi—is the crowning glory of social sharing plugins.

Key Features

The whole point of integrating social media into your WordPress website is to boost engagement and that’s something that Monarch does better than the rest. Monarch’s social share buttons go far beyond basic placement.

With Monarch, you can choose to display your social share buttons based on your site visitors’ activity, whether it’s time-delays, page scroll, purchases or inactivity.

With versatile placement (including fly-ins), built-in statistics and 24/7 support, it’s hard to find another social sharing plugin that will offer more.


Monarch isn’t free, but we had to include it on our list because it is easily one of the best social media plugins for WordPress. If you’re already running a Divi website, then you’ll have access to Monarch. Otherwise, consider getting Lifetime access so that your WordPress content can live as long as the internet does.

Get Monarch today.>>>

Social Media Integration

These three plugins aren’t technically social media plugins. However, they offer powerful social media features so that you can more fully integrate your WordPress content with your social media platforms.


Social Media Integration
aioseo homepage

Seeing as though you’re looking for a social media plugin for your WordPress website, then you probably already know that social media is an integral part of any SEO strategy. But simply downloading a social media plugin won’t be enough to get the SEO boost you’re looking for.

Enter AIOSEO, the best and most comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress. With AIOSEO, you can let search engines know which social media profiles are associated with your website and create unique Twitter and Facebook preview cards.


Download AIOSEO for FREE or check out the engagement-boosting premium features in the Basic Plan>>>.

19. RafflePress

Social Media Integration
rafflepress homepage

RafflePress is the best and most popular WordPress giveaway plugin. If you’re planning on running giveaway promotions, then you’ll need RafflePress and its powerful bevy of social media integration features to maximize engagement.

There are so many ways to leverage the power of social media with RafflePress that it’s hard to believe that it isn’t a dedicated social media plugin. With RafflePress, your giveaway participants can follow you on social media, share your contest, refer friends, visit your social accounts and submit entries.


You can get started with RafflePress for free but you’ll need at least the Growth Plan to fully integrate your social media account(s) with your WordPress website.

20. MonsterInsights

Social Media Integration
monsterinsights homepage

Hopefully, by now, you’ve found the right social media plugin for your WordPress website somewhere on our list. All that you need is a way to track the meteoric rise of your follower count. That’s where MonsterInsights comes in.

Although not technically a social media plugin, MonsterInsights brings the power of Google Analytics directly to your WordPress dashboard. Track the origins of your site traffic, their click paths, bounce rates and much more. With MonsterInsights, you can easily determine which of your social media accounts is the most popular so that you can optimize your content accordingly.


MonsterInsights is free but you’ll need the Plus Plan or higher to access the growth tools that will most help to raise your social presence.

Stay Social, WordPress!

Regardless of which plugin you choose, you won’t regret integrating your social media accounts with your WordPress website. There are few better ways to improve user engagement, increase site traffic and, ultimately, boost conversions.

What are some of the ways that you would like to integrate social media with your WordPress website? Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe to our newsletter for more great content like this!

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