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10 Awesome Formidable Forms Automation Hacks

Are you looking for ways to automate your Formidable Forms and put your form workflows on autopilot? Your search ends here.

Formidable Forms is an advanced form builder plugin that allows you to build any type of form. You can build simple forms like contact forms, survey forms and registration forms, but it’s also powerful enough for complex solutions like calculator forms, payment forms, donation forms and more.

With so many possibilities, wouldn’t it be great to connect Formidable Forms to other WordPress plugins (and web apps) and automate certain repetitive tasks?

In this article, we’ll share some awesome Formidable Forms automation hacks by connecting it to other plugins and web apps. This will help you save valuable time so you can focus on other important business activities.

Formidable Forms Automation Hacks to Maximize Your Productivity

Uncanny Automator is the tool that can help you to connect Formidable Forms with other WordPress plugins (and web apps) and automate countless tasks. It is the most powerful automation plugin for WordPress and requires no coding knowledge.

With this plugin, you can create recipes to automate your workflows and integrations. A recipe basically tells your WordPress site that “if something happens (trigger), then do something (action).”

uncanny automator plugin

Uncanny Automator comes with a free version and a premium version.

The free version offers fewer triggers and actions for your WordPress site, but it still supports millions of recipe options that can be used an unlimited number of times. It also comes with 250 free app credits to try out third-party integrations like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and more.

The premium version, also known as Uncanny Automator Pro, allows you to use all the available triggers and actions on your website. It also offers unlimited app credits for app integrations, plus additional features like scheduled actions.

With that said, let’s get started with some of the awesome Formidable Forms automation hacks you can use to make your life easy.

1. Enroll Users in an eLearning Course

If you’re running an eLearning site powered by LearnDash (or Tutor, Lifter, or other LMS plugins Automator supports), you can add a student enrollment form on your site. It will help students to get enrolled in the course of their choice automatically, whether it’s on registration or once logged into the site.

Here’s what it might look like:

formidable forms to learndash

Easy, right? You can even use specific values in your form to add users to courses, groups or levels you choose.

Why stop at enrollment? Maybe on course completion, you can use Formidable to create an evaluation form, and on submission, it autocompletes the course and enrolls the user in the next course in a series. Better yet, send users a discount on their next course and tag them in your favourite CRM!

Connecting LearnDash and Formidable Forms only takes a few minutes, but it can save countless hours of development and admin time that it would normally take to get your workflows just right.

2. Add Users to a Membership

If you’re running a membership site using a plugin like MemberPress, then you can take advantage of Formidable Forms to create user registration forms for your website.

With Formidable Forms, you can easily customize the membership forms and add different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and to make the checkout process user-friendly for your site visitors.

Once you’ve connected the form to the MemberPress plugin by creating a recipe, you can automatically add users to a membership when they submit a form. Of course, you probably won’t stop there; maybe the form submission also invites the user to a Zoom onboarding webinar, notifies the management team on Slack and queues a check-in email to go out in a week.

You can even use conditional logic for adding users to your membership site. For example, if a person has a special code, then that person could be added to a premium membership.

3. Pass Data to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free web application that allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. It is a useful tool for collecting and analyzing data.

Can you use Google Sheets to collect data when someone submits a form on your WordPress site? Yes, you can do that with the help of the Uncanny Automator plugin. Best of all, you can do it without using Zapier and with no per-transaction costs. Once it’s set up, you can pass thousands of records over, all automatically and at no extra cost.

First, you’ll have to create a form using the Formidable Forms plugin. You can create different forms like lead capture, survey, event registration, testimonial, job application, and much more using the plugin.

Next, you’ll have to use Uncanny Automator to create a recipe. Here the trigger will be when someone submits a form, and the action will be adding a new row in Google Sheets with the form data.

formidable forms to google sheets

Note that this is an ‘everyone’ recipe, which means Automator can send records for all submissions—both users that are visiting the sites and users that are signed in.

4. Register Users for a Webinar

Are you planning to organize a webinar? A webinar is an awesome content marketing tool that can help you to promote your brand, increase awareness for your products or services, and of course, generate leads for your business.

To conduct a webinar successfully, you need to take care of a lot of things. For example, you need to choose an engaging topic, do a lot of research, practice your webinar, choose the right time to conduct it, select a webinar hosting platform, and much more.

To ease your troubles, you can automate the process of registration for the webinar.

First, you can use Zoom Webinars or GoToWebinar as the webinar software. Next, you’ll have to create a webinar registration form using Formidable Forms. You can then use Uncanny Automator to create a recipe to connect the form to Zoom Webinar or GoToWebinar.

This will automate the process, and users will be registered to your webinar when they submit the form. You can also automatically send a “thank you” email or add a tag in your CRM to the registered users by adding another action. Another popular action is setting up reminder emails that go out a few days before the event is scheduled.

5. Send a Coupon Code for Submitting a Survey Form

Sharing a discount coupon is a great marketing tactic for increasing sales. And survey forms are useful for getting valuable feedback from existing (or potential) customers. What if you could combine them to get more feedback and drive revenue? The idea is when potential customers submit a survey form, you can email them a discount coupon code – a great way of saying thank you for their time and effort.

Thus, you can get valuable data from potential customers and also increase your revenue. And you can use Uncanny Automator to automate the entire process.

In this case, you’ll need Formidable Forms for creating the survey form and WooCommerce for the coupon codes. The trigger will be when someone submits the survey form; the action will be to email them the WooCommerce coupon code.

formidable forms to woocommerce

6. Add a Tag in Your CRM

Adding tags in your CRM is a great way to segment, sort, and group users based on their preferences and interests. Thus, you can send them personalized emails, offer them better recommendations, or target them with segmented emails to increase your revenue.

Uncanny Automator allows you to connect to ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp natively. So you can easily add and remove tags, plus manage contacts, all based on form submissions.

Let’s say you’re running an eLearning site. Once the students complete a course, you can ask them to fill out a course feedback form. And you can add a tag to users based on specific responses. Then, you can send them better suggestions for their next course.

Here you can create a feedback form and add it as the trigger in your Uncanny Automator recipe. Next, you can use MailChimp or ActiveCampaign as your action. Once the recipe is live, a tag will be added to users based on a specific condition.

7. Get Slack Notifications

Do you use Slack to communicate with your team? If so, then you can integrate Slack with your forms to get important notifications directly over there.

For example, your sales team channel can get notifications when someone submits a lead generation form. Or, you can get a message on Slack if someone submits a testimonial or feedback. Also, you can set up notifications when someone registers for a webinar or event.

To get started, you’ll first have to connect Slack to Uncanny Automator. Next, you can create a recipe to get messages on Slack when someone submits a form on your website.

formidable forms to slack channel

8. Register Users for an Event

Let’s say you want to conduct an event (in-person or virtual). Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate the process of user registrations? With Uncanny Automator, you can easily do that.

First, you’ll have to install The Events Calendar and the Event Tickets plugins. The Events Calendar plugin is a great option for creating and managing events. And the Event Tickets is a free addon for managing tickets and RSVPs.

Next, you’ll have to create an event registration form with the help of Formidable Forms.

Finally, you should create a recipe to connect your form to the event. Once the recipe is live, guests will be automatically registered for that event when they submit the form.

Note that Uncanny Automator also supports popular events plugins like Events Manager and Modern Events Calendar, so feel free to use them in your recipe.

9. Send Data to Zapier

Zapier is a popular cloud-based application that can connect more than 3,000 web apps and automate important tasks. And it works on per-transaction fees.

On the other hand, Uncanny Automator runs inside WordPress and can connect WordPress plugins together. You can also use it to connect your WordPress site to popular web apps. You can read our article on how Uncanny Automator is different from Zapier.

Connecting forms to Zapier opens up a world of integration and workflow opportunities, but Formidable also already offers a fantastic Zapier integration. So why use Uncanny Automator?

One important reason is that you can connect Zapier and Formidable with other things on the WordPress side. Maybe a zap should only happen when a user submits a form twice, or when they submit a form and complete a course. Or maybe the form submission itself should not only pass data to Zapier, but also schedule some emails and add the user to a BuddyBoss group. That’s where Automator shines, with the more complex workflows.

10. Add Users to a Social Group

Want to add users to a social group automatically when they submit a form? Say you’ve created a social group for movie lovers using BuddyPress or BuddyBoss, and you want to add people to your group with similar interests.

To get started, you can create a form using Formidable Forms and add it to your site. Next, you need to create a recipe and connect your form to the social group. Once the recipe is live, users will automatically be added to that group when they submit the form.

Get Started with Automation Today

The Formidable Forms automation hacks mentioned in this article will take only a few minutes to set up using Uncanny Automator. Better yet, most of them can be implemented using just the free version of the plugin.

Uncanny Automator Pro offers the most flexibility and is required for some of the recipes, like adding users to a membership, registering users for a webinar on GoToWebinar, and sending coupon codes to a user.

Of course, you can use all the available triggers and actions on your website if you’re a Pro user.

Have ideas for your own Formidable Forms recipes or questions about some of the ones in this article? Let us know in the comments!

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