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Tin Canny, IFTTT, Integrately, Webhooks and More

This year will be a huge one for Uncanny Automator, and we’re starting off 2022 with a big release announcement. Today’s free release of Uncanny Automator 3.6 adds 3 new integrations (IFTTT, Integrately and Tin Canny), but the bigger news might be what we’re doing with webhooks, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets.

Some of these changes will really transform how users and developers apply Uncanny Automator on their WordPress sites. Let’s jump in to what’s new (and keep in mind this is all for free plugin users, we’ll have more announcements for Pro users next week).

New Integrately integration

Integrately is a Zapier alternative (you might also call it a non-WordPress version of Uncanny Automator), connecting to hundreds of third party apps–including Uncanny Automator! While we have long supported connecting Integrately to WordPress with webhooks, today we’re rolling out a specialized integration to pass data over to Integrately (and it’s the first integration using our new webhook model, more on that later). As this is the free release, of course, our new support is for the outgoing webhook as an action only. Look for the new trigger in Pro next week!

Integrately for Uncanny Automator

New IFTTT integration

As part of our webhook support refactoring, we’re adding another third party integration: IFTTT. We’re heavy users of IFTTT ourselves for home automation, and the new support opens up some pretty interesting automation options. Beyond some fun ones like playing music or flashing office lights when there’s a new WooCommerce sale, there are many practical ones, like adding a card in Trello when a new group is created or adding voice call reminders X days after WordPress activities are performed.

IFTTT Automator support

New Tin Canny integration

Uncanny Automator has had support via LearnDash for one Tin Canny trigger for a long time: A verb is recorded from a Tin Canny module. In today’s release, we’re separating Tin Canny out into its own integration and adding a new trigger: A user attains a score equal to, not equal to, less than, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to a specific score on a Tin Canny module. So now you can have results from your uploaded Storyline, Rise, Captivate, iSpring and other module types do more than just unlock LearnDash completions. Maybe certain scores unlock remedial or advanced content, or perhaps they even fire completions in other LMS or membership plugins.

Tin Canny score trigger

Webhooks just got amazing

Yes, we know for many users this won’t be particularly exciting, but for developers and advanced users that need more webhook capabilities, today’s release represents a HUGE overhaul. Especially paired with next week’s Pro release, you can simply do far, far more with our new webhook support.

Need different data formats? No problem, now Uncanny Automator supports x-www-form-urlencoded, form-data, JSON, Text, HTML, XML, GraphQL and Raw formats.

How about more request methods? Automator 3.6 supports POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD and support for custom values.

If you’re still not impressed, how about support for nested data and arrays to unlimited levels of depth? Yes, support is in the next Pro release on the incoming webhooks side too.

And to round things out, now there’s a new “Check data format” tool in webhook actions to output data samples so you can see exactly what Automator will send over to whatever app or tool you’re connecting to.

Here’s what outgoing webhook settings look like now:

Uncanny Automator webhook actions

Update records in Google Sheets

This was another big deliverable for our team, but we’ve extended our support for Google Sheets so that you can now update existing rows. The logic is pretty simple: find a matching value in a column, then update some or all of the other values in that row. Here’s what it all looks like:

Update a row in Google Sheets

We worked hard trying to make the update action as intuitive as possible. When you set it up, choose the column you want to match a value on first, and after entering the value to match (which can include tokens!), choose which columns in the matching row you want to update. It can be some or all of the columns. For any you want to update, make sure you enable the switch to update that column and then enter the value (tokens are again supported) that you want to update the cell to.

ActiveCampaign triggers

It’s time to add some triggers to Automator’s ActiveCampaign integration. One of the reasons it took us longer to add this support was so that we could allow free users to try it out by connecting it to our credit system for free account holders. In the 3.6 release, we’re adding these new triggers:

  • A tag is added to a contact
  • A tag is removed from a contact

The setup for this one is a little complicated, so make sure to check out our Knowledge Base article for full details.

Of course, once connected, this new trigger support opens up a huge array of possibilities. Along with these introductions there’s a new caching system for ActiveCampaign tags, lists and custom fields, so the Settings page has similarly been redesigned to support forced updates as well.

Common use cases for these new triggers might include adding someone to a course or group when a tag is added, removing users from a membership level when a tag is removed, etc.

And the rest

As the first major release of the year, Uncanny Automator 3.6 includes many other new features, improvements and fixes. Let’s run through some highlights:

  • Post ID, Title, URL, Image and Excerpt tokens have been used for the “A user views a custom post type” trigger.
  • There’s a new WooCommerce Order Summary token. We had a customer that wanted to replace WooCommerce confirmation emails with different emails depending on the order status and gateway. It was such a creative use that we decided to make it possible with an order details table that can be dropped into an email.
  • Formidable Forms triggers gain tokens for Form title, Form ID and Form URL.
  • Gravity Forms triggers gain the same tokens.
  • WordPress Comment-related triggers get a Post URL token.
  • Our Facebook integration has been renamed to “Facebook Pages”. Why? It might just be so we can more easily distinguish between that Facebook Groups support in an upcoming release…

For the full list of all changes, make sure to visit

And if you’re enjoying all the additions we’re making in our free release, don’t forget to leave us a review!


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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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  1. Hello guys,
    do you plan to add support for ANY statements as Tincanny triggers, not just completion? It would be cool if custom user statements could be triggers for actions on a WordPress site.

    1. You’re right, this doesn’t make sense, and we just need to make a tiny change in the code to allow custom values to be used in addition to our pre-selected options. We’ll get this queued for the next major release. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Thanks!
        About webhooks. Could you give an example of a Javascript code that can be added as a trigger to an Articulate Storyline course to, for example, register an anonymous user on a WordPress site?

        1. This isn’t something we could support. Storyline wouldn’t work with the webhooks integration, and the Tin Canny integration has dependencies on the user being signed in and it couldn’t catch custom fields, just what our Tin Can report shows. For the foreseeable future you wouldn’t be able to register new users based on incoming SCORM/xAPI data.

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