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New Settings & MemberPress Courses Integration

Uncanny Automator 3.8 and Automator Pro 3.8 releases are now available for download! These new updates bring a whole suite of enhancements, including a completely new approach to settings, a new MemberPress Courses integration, and lots of really useful tokens. While new integrations are always exciting, and we’re thrilled to introduce MemberPress Courses support, the updates behind the scenes are a lot more exciting than they might seem at a glance.

New Settings pages

Uncanny Automator keeps getting bigger and better. It’s getting so big, in fact, that we ran out of room for new integrations and configuration options in our Settings pages. Moreover, they just didn’t look great and weren’t up to the standards we have elsewhere in Uncanny Automator.

Representing a huge volume of work that involved every member of our team, today we’re pleased to introduce an overhaul of all settings that offer more useful information, more features, better messaging, and an amazing new look and feel. We’re not exaggerating; here’s what connecting an app now looks like:

Mailchimp Settings for Uncanny Automator

Connected accounts are similarly packed with information, and you can tell what’s connected at a glance with the green checkmarks beside the integration names.

Managing Pro licenses has been enhanced to show more details about your license and activations, with a new option to change the license key or buy one from inside the plugin. You’ll find even more enhancements as you explore the new Settings pages.

MemberPress Courses

While MemberPress itself is one of our earliest integrations, we’re excited to announce new triggers and actions for the Courses add-on. In the free release of Uncanny Automator, there are 2 new triggers:

  • A user completes a course
  • A user completes a lesson

The free version also gains 2 actions:

  • Mark a course complete
  • Mark a lesson complete

MemberPress Courses

Example use cases might include recipes like marking a course complete when someone attends a live event, or having a course completion add the user to a list in Hubspot.

Pro users gain 1 additional action: Reset the user’s progress in a course. Perhaps after completion of a course, a user has 7 days to review it and then progress is reset. Or maybe on purchase of a compliance course that’s repeated every year, progress is reset so users can take the course again.

GoTo Training and GoTo Webinar

In keeping with our mission to make App (non-WordPress) integrations available in our free version for users to try before upgrading to Pro, the 3.8 releases move our GoTo Training and GoTo Webinar support to the free plugin. For users with a free Uncanny Automator account, you can now use your free credits to give these integrations a try. Pro users continue to have unlimited use of these integrations.

Uncanny Groups

Uncanny Groups, our popular plugin for LearnDash B2B sales and user management for organizations, gains 2 new triggers:

  • A user redeems a group key
  • A user is registered using a group key

These are some interesting additions that align enrollment keys more closely to what we offer in our Uncanny Codes plugin–and they open up a lot of possibilities. Perhaps when a user redeems a key for group access they receive on onboarding email, are invited to a live welcome meeting, or have a tag added in a CRM (this last example is a big one, we see many inquiries about how to tag users that join a group via Uncanny Groups).

Both of the new triggers are available in the free version of Uncanny Automator.

New tokens

We have some interesting new tokens in this release, both for developers and for end users of Automator.

Pro users get a whole suite of new Amelia tokens for targeting employees: Employee ID, Employee email, Employee first name, Employee last name and Employee phone. Why? We had a few tickets asking how actions could be run on whoever a meeting is booked with, not the person who booked the meeting. These tokens now allow that kind of targeting and automation.

For free users, here are some new Common and Advanced tokens:

  • Current date (Unix timestamp) – instead of worrying about date formats, work with dates as a number so you can run operations on them and pass them to other plugins and systems in a standard format
  • Current time (Unix timestamp)
  • User reset password URL – a new alternative to the password link which just outputs the URL in plain text, making it more flexible for use in other contexts
  • User IP Address – a more exciting addition that has been requested by several customers (please note that the IP address is not stored and this token cannot be used in scheduled actions)

Just a note too that the “autologin link” token has been updated to exclude use by Administrator and Editor roles for security reasons.

Then there are the new Webhooks tokens: Webhook Body and Webhook Sample Data. These sound a bit boring, but if you’ve ever had to troubleshoot webhook data, these tokens are fantastic. Instead of doing lots of troubleshooting with and similar tools, now you can just drop these tokens into an email or other action to see exactly what data Automator is sending via a webhook.

Finally, LearnDash triggers gain a “Passing score %” token so there’s an easier way to compare the user’s score with the required score.

Other news

To round out the release, BuddyBoss gains a new “Set the user’s status to a specific status” action in our free version. As this information is not stored in user meta, it was difficult to change a user’s status in BuddyBoss; this new action makes it easy.

GiveWP gets a new “A donation is made via a form for an amount greater than, less than or equal to an amount” trigger for Pro users. This trigger is similar to an existing Logged In version but can be used as an Everyone recipe, so with anonymous form submissions.

The 3.8 releases also include some compatibility improvements for Tutor LMS 2.0, label changes for clarity, improved Elementor form performance and more. The full changelogs are available at and

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Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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