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Automator Pro 3.7: Woo Subscriptions, Amelia, Webhooks, WordPress & More

A few days ago we released Uncanny Automator 3.7, an important update with a new integration for Amelia, Twilio support in our free version, a more accessible webhook integration and more. We’ve had some great feedback and over 8,000 downloads of the new release. Today, we’re rounding out that release for Pro users with an Uncanny Automator Pro 3.7 update. It incudes 7 new triggers and actions as well as some other compelling improvements.


Last week’s release of Uncanny Automator 3.7 added the new Amelia integration, and in the Pro release we’re adding 2 new triggers for Pro customers:

  • An appointment is booked for a specific service
  • A user books an appointment for a specific service

New Amelia Triggers

Like last time, the differences between the triggers are related to whether the trigger is run on the active user or another (even anonymous) user. These new triggers open up use cases for more easily targeting recipes based on the type of service someone books.

WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions

There are a lot of interesting additions to WooCommerce Subscriptions in this release. First, we’ve got a lot of new variable subscription triggers:

  • A user’s subscription to a specific variation of a variable subscription expires
  • A user renews a subscription to a specific variation of a variable subscription
  • A user’s trial period to a specific variation of a variable subscription expires
  • A user’s subscription to a specific variation of a variable subscription is set to a status

For sites that use variable subscriptions, these new additions are going to help a lot.

There’s also a new “order summary” token that opens up a lot of opportunities for all WooCommerce sites. Ever wish you could create your own Woo emails that include Automator tokens and can also output a table or order details? Now you can! We heard from some users who presented some interesting use cases for combining order confirmation emails with Automator recipes and data, but were held back because they really needed the Woo table that includes full order details. Now you can add that to actions that include WooCommerce triggers.

WordPress Code

We have two new actions for general WordPress recipe use:

  • Move a post to the trash
  • Set the featured image of a post

We heard from a few users describing scenarios where a particular post created on purchase should be moved to the trash 60 days after purchase, or where certain recipes would benefit from data cleanup by having a way to remove posts that were no longer relevant after recipe completion. This new action provides a means of accomplishing this. Be careful with this action, of course, because posts that are trashed will automatically be deleted from WordPress after 30 days.

The new featured image action allows you to set or change the featured image associated with a post.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS will be launching a huge 2.0 update in the next few weeks, and in anticipation of that, this release and our free release last week include a handful of compatibility updates for the Tutor release. It is recommend that all Tutor LMS users update to the latest versions of our plugins before updating to Tutor LMS 2.0.


With the Automator 3.7 release, we moved sending data via webhooks to a new Webhooks integration. This makes the webhook trigger and action easier to find, and today’s Pro release completes the migration with the incoming webhook trigger moving to the Webhooks integration.

That’s it for 3.7 releases. In March, watch for several huge new updates to integrations and functionality!

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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