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Run Now

Introduced in Uncanny Automator Pro version 5.1, the Run Now integration allows you to run actions directly from the recipe edit page. Send bulk emails, create instant reports, update users and more. No triggers are needed, just click the Run now button to instantly run your actions.


This is especially useful for running actions in bulk using user loops. Want to bulk export a list of users in a particular LearnDash group, or send an email to customesr that have purchased a specific WooCommerce product? Add a loop to your recipe, then run it immediately with this trigger.

Using the Run now trigger

This trigger is available only in the Everyone recipe type (for a logged-in user recipe it would only run for the user that clicks the Run now button).  Once you’ve added this trigger to your recipe, the Run now button appears in the recipe sidebar:

While a recipe is in progress, you won’t be able to edit it. This is to ensure the looping or scheduled actions aren’t inadvertently modified during execution, which may result in unpredictable behavior. You can view the progress of a recipe in the recipe log buy clicking the button in the modal dialog that appears:

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