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Uncanny Automator makes it easy to send data from IFTTT applets to your site.  Connect your WordPress site to anything supported by IFTTT by creating a recipe that receives data from the Send a web request IFTTT action.

Set up the recipe in Uncanny Automator

The first step will be to create the recipe that will receive the web request from IFTTT.  Since IFTTT will send data to your site anonymously (i.e. not as a logged-in WordPress user) we’ll use an everyone recipe to receive the data.

  1. Create an everyone recipe and add IFTTT as a trigger.

  2. Copy the Webhook URL and switch over to IFTTT to set up the applet.  Leave the Edit recipe window open; we’ll need to come back to it later to complete the trigger.

Set up the IFTTT Make a web request action

  1. In IFTTT, set up the “if this” section of your applet based on what trigger you want to use to send data to your WordPress site.  This could include things like a row has been added to a Google Sheet, an email with a specific subject has been received in Gmail, a new post has been made to your Facebook page, or any of the thousands of triggers supported by IFTTT.
  2. In the “then that” section of your applet, choose Webhooks > Make a web request.
  3. In the URL field, paste the URL from the Automator recipe you set up above.
  4. In the Body field, we’ll define the data that’s being sent to your recipe.  This step gets a bit complex as IFTTT requires that you format all of your data manually.  In this example, we’ll just send a few ingredients, including a name and email address.
    1. Choose which ingredients from your “if this” trigger you would like to send to WordPress by clicking Add ingredient.
    2. Around each ingredient add <<< >>>.  This ensures your data is sent exactly as formatted.
    3. Before each ingredient, add a single word that describes the ingredient, followed by “=” .
    4. Finally, add the “&” symbol between each ingredient.  Here’s a finished example:
  5. Leave the other fields their default values and click Create action.

Complete the recipe

Now we need to go back to your recipe and tell Uncanny Automator what data to expect from IFTTT.

  1. In the Fields section, you’ll want to add a Key/Value type pair for each ingredient you’re sending from IFTTT.
  2. Enter each key and define its type.  The key is the word that you added to describe each ingredient.  Using the example above, your Fields would look like this:
  3. Click Save.
  4. Add the actions that you want to run when the webhook is received from IFTTT.  If you add an action that runs on a WordPress user, you will be prompted to create a new user or select an existing user.
  5. Set the trigger, action(s), and recipe to live.

That’s it!  When your IFTTT applet runs, your Uncanny Automator will receive the data and run the actions.

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