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Integration-Specific Conditions Are Here

We’re excited to introduce the biggest new feature in the Uncanny Automator 4.0 releases: integration-specific conditions.

But just what are integration-specific conditions?

Let’s rewind 6 months ago, when we added the ability for actions to have conditions. That was an amazing feature; you could suddenly run actions only if they met certain criteria, allowing generic conditions like actions only firing for a matching email domain or a user meta value. We also supported conditions linked to triggers in a recipe, like a matching value in a form submission if form submission was a trigger.

There was a big gap though. What if you wanted actions to run based on criteria related to a plugin that wasn’t part of the recipe? So maybe the triggers in a recipe were related to LearnDash, but you only wanted to run certain actions if the user had a specific MemberPress membership level. Or maybe triggers were for BuddyBoss, but should only run if users had a specific CRM tag.

Introducing integration-specific conditions

Those scenarios are why we’re releasing support for integration-specific conditions. These new condition types let you include conditions from other plugins in your recipes. This is a brand new feature, so in Automator Pro 4.0 we’re launching with support for these popular plugins:

The possibilities are endless, and in today’s release, you can set actions to only run if users:

  • Completed a specific LearnDash course
  • Enrolled in a specific LearnDash course
  • Are members of a LearnDash group
  • Are not in a specific LearnDash group
  • Have an active MemberPress membership
  • Have purchased a specific WooCommerce product
  • Have an active subscription for a specific WooCommerce product
  • Have a specific tag in WP Fusion
  • Do not have a specific tag in WP Fusion
  • Have a specific WordPress role

Additional integration-specific conditions are coming soon for other plugins, but let us know in the comments below what you want to see most.

Advanced Coupons

Integration-specific conditions aside, Automator Pro 4.0 is a huge release, with almost 20 new triggers and actions across a large number of plugins. Most of these were customer requests–and some will completely transform what you thought was possible with Automator.

In the free Automator 4.0 release earlier this week, we added a new integration for Advanced Coupons. Pro is where this integration really shines, and today’s release adds these new triggers and actions:

  • Trigger: A user’s current store credit exceeds a certain amount
  • Trigger: A user’s lifetime store credit exceeds a certain amount
  • Action: Add a specific amount of store credit to the user’s account
  • Action: Remove a specific amount of store credit from the user’s account

For the triggers, perhaps you reward loyal customers by giving them bonus when they achieve a certain amount of credit, maybe you add a badge or avatar to recognize them, perhaps they get a special CRM tag or membership level.

The actions, of course, are where things get really interesting. Turn site gamification on its head by linking achievements to store credit, where you reward engagement with financial incentives. Or link store credit to things outside of WooCommerce, so maybe by clicking a button users join a social group and have $50 deducted from their accounts, all without going near a Woo order.


Are you sitting comfortably? If not, get settled in, because this update is going to be a game-changing feature for a lot of websites.

Uncanny Automator can now create orders for WooCommerce. And not just regular orders, but subscriptions too. This means you can route your activity through WooCommerce and WooCommerce subscriptions with users never touching product, checkout and other Woo pages. Uncanny Automator just makes it all work together in the background.

Here are all the new actions that are supported around order creation:

  • Create an order with a product with a payment method
  • Create an order with a product without a payment method
  • Create a subscription order with a product
  • Create a subscription order with a product with a payment method
  • Create an order with a product

That’s a lot of possibilities now for order creation. Here’s an example of what it looks like (keep scrolling, it’s a long action!):

Create a WooCommerce order

You can, of course, pass in product IDs dynamically. And subscription actions will actually create new subscriptions (when used with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin). Just a note too that the actions can’t process payment or collect credit card info, but the actions linked to payment gateways may be useful for reporting and other purposes.


We’re only adding one new trigger for LearnDash, but it’s a really powerful one that deserves special attention in this post. Here it is: A user completes a group’s courses.

Why is that so special? Because it unlocks some capabilities that are in high demand but weren’t otherwise possible:

  • Send a special certificate by email when a user completes all courses in a group.
  • With our new Facebook Groups integration, celebrate a student’s accomplishment when they complete all courses with their peers.
  • Notify the student’s instructors by email and SMS when one of their students completes all courses in a group.

There are many more possibilities, but those will be some of the popular ones.

WordPress Core

It turns out that many Automator users do a lot of work with taxonomies and needed a better way to base recipes on changes to tags and categories. As such, Automator Pro 4.0 adds these new actions:

  • Add a taxonomy term to a post in a post type
  • Remove a taxonomy term from a post in a post type

And, for good measure, there’s a third new action: Add an image to the media library. The latter is an interesting one; you can pass in image URLs and add them to WordPress automatically, including metadata for the image. Here’s what it looks like:

Add an image to the media library

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Add one more big new feature to the Uncanny Automator Pro 4.0 release. Now recipes can be triggered when a user’s Advanced Custom Field (ACF) field is updated. Combined with conditions, this is extra powerful. Maybe when a user updates their “Manager” profile field they’re added to a specific social or learning group based on that manager email address. Or perhaps when a “Location” field is populated for the first time, users are invited to a local live event.

And the rest

There are 19 new triggers and actions in this Pro release, plus a suite of new conditions, plus new tokens, so here’s what else is new:

  • The Events Manager gets a new trigger for “A booking for an event is approved”. Existing triggers were linked to the event just being booked, not the approval step.
  • GamiPress gets “A user’s total of a specific type of points reaches a specific threshold” as a new trigger.
  • PeepSo gets 2 new triggers:
    • A user unfollows a PeepSo member, and
    • A user updates a specific field to a specific value in their profile
  • TutorLMS adds “A user posts a question in a course” to its suite of triggers. (And on that note, updating to the latest version of Automator is extra important for TutorLMS users because their 2.0.2 release saw a hook we rely on disappear without notice or being deprecated.)
  • The WishList Member integration adds this trigger: A user’s specific membership level account is approved.
  • Finally, GiveWP gets new tokens for Form ID and Form title.

And that wraps up the Uncanny Automator Pro 4.0 release. It’s a huge one, so test, experiment, and let us know in the comments how you’re using all of the new features.

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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  1. This is a HUGE release!!! Really excited to get in and test several of these features. Thanks, Uncanny Team for making our automation easy!

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