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How to Notify LearnDash Users About New Courses

Notify all of your LearnDash students, educators and administrators about new courses with Uncanny Automator!

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Are you looking for a way to notify your LearnDash users about a new course? Or maybe you’ve made some changes to existing course material that your users should know about? Well, search no further. You’ve landed on the right page!

With the Uncanny Automator “loops” feature, you can run actions on users in bulk to send out special broadcasts and bulletins. It’s like a digital PA system right at your fingertips!

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the easiest and most efficient way to notify all of your LearnDash users about new and exciting courses.

What You’ll Need

Once upon a time, educators would have had to stand in the schoolyard and shout into a megaphone to make announcements to the student body. Similarly, administrators and compliance officers would have had to comb through an employee directory before sending out a broadcast.

Today, however, when you integrate LearnDash with Uncanny Automator, all of the shouting and sorting happens automatically.


If you haven’t decided quite yet on which LMS is best for you, then allow us to introduce you to LearnDash! As the leading LMS for WordPress websites, LearnDash has all of the features you need to create a fully immersive online learning environment.

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Uncanny Automator

Here’s a special news bulletin for the whole student body: Uncanny Automator is the #1 automation and integration tool for LearnDash! Automate dozens (or even hundreds) of LearnDash tasks, from awarding certificates to appointing Group Leaders and much more.

uncanny automator homepage

Automator also integrates LearnDash with all of your favorite apps and plugins.

Connect LearnDash to your CRM of choice, such as ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp. Host learning conferences and take attendance with your favorite events management plugin. Even collect student feedback with any number of form-building plugins, from WPForms to Gravity Forms.

Uncanny Automator is a FREE forever plugin that you can use to save time and money on your WordPress website, regardless of whether or not you’re a LearnDash user. Nevertheless, throughout this article, we’ll be using a powerful automation feature called “Loops” that is only included in Automator Pro. But don’t feel like you can’t join in on the fun.

Try Automator Pro risk-free for 14 days so that you can follow along.>>>

Notify LearnDash Users About a New Course

Now that you have Uncanny Automator all set up, it’s time to start spreading the good word about your new course or course content!

In Automator, automations are called recipes—combinations of triggers and actions that create integrated workflows across apps and plugins. In the following five steps, we’ll show you how to recreate the recipe pictured above so you can notify LearnDash users about your new course.

Step 1: Create a New Recipe

From your WordPress Admin Sidebar, navigate to Automator > Add New. A pop-up window will appear where you can select your recipe type.

In our example, we want to notify our LearnDash users about a new course whenever we, as a WordPress administrator, publish one. As such, select Logged-in users and click Confirm.


Step 2: Name Your Recipe

Beef Wellington. Shepherd’s Pie. Macaroni and Cheese. Every good recipe needs a name. Give this recipe a name that makes it easy to recognize at a glance. For example, we’ve named this recipe New Course Email Notification.

Step 3: Configure Your Trigger(s)

In the Triggers panel, from the menu of available integrations, click on WordPress.


From the drop-down list that appears, select A user publishes a post.

Automator will prompt you to select a post type. From the drop-down list, select Course.

After selecting your post type, click Save. Your trigger should look like this:

Step 4: Configure Your Action(s)

In the Actions panel, click Add > User loop.

Now, any actions that you include inside of the Loops panel will run on any and all users who match specific criteria that you define. Let’s start by defining that criteria.

We want to notify all of our LearnDash Group Leaders about the new course that we’ve just released. To do this, hover over User Criteria in the Loops panel and click on the Edit icon.

In the pop-up window that appears, you can configure the exact user criteria for your looped action(s) as follows:

Once you’ve configured your criteria, your Loops panel should look like this:

Now, any action that we add in the Loops panel will run on any and all users who match the criteria that we’ve just defined.

Let’s now add our first action. Inside the Loops panel, click on Add action and select Email from the menu of available integrations.

From the drop-down list that appears, select Send an email.

Automator will then present you with an editor. The From and From name fields will already have been auto-filled (you can change those values if you want but they are the same default values from your WordPress website).

In the To field, click on the Asterisk and select the User email token.

Automator will “loop” through every user on your WordPress website who matches the criteria that we previously defined, retrieve their email and use that as a dynamic input in this field.

Use the Subject and Body fields to write compelling copy about your exciting new course. When you’re finished, click Save.

Your looped action should look like this:

Step 5: Go Live!

Are you ready to share your new course with the entire world? Or, maybe, just notify the LearnDash users that you’ve selected?

All you have to do now is toggle your recipe from Draft to Live!

More Integrations, More Notifications

At the start of this walkthrough, we promised you the digital equivalent of a megaphone. While email notifications are great, they’re not exactly “mega”. Thankfully, Automator has tons of other integrations to help you spread the word about exciting new course content.

Integrate LearnDash with Slack, WhatsApp and Twilio to get in touch with your LearnDash users. Alternatively, let the whole world know about your course content with social media integrations such as Facebook, Twitter (X) and LinkedIn.

Eager to get the word out there? Read our step-by-step tutorial on integrating WordPress with various social media platforms by clicking here. Just replace the post type in the example with “Course” and go viral!

You can also integrate LearnDash with Google Sheets to keep a running change log of course updates.

With Automator, there really isn’t any limit to the possibilities. Have any questions about LearnDash notifications? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you!

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