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New Integrations: SureMembers, AWeber & Code Snippets plus Import/Export

Uncanny Automator 5.8 is now available, and this update to our free automation plugin for WordPress is full of new features. With 3 new integrations, import/export support, the latest OpenAI model support and more, this release has something for everyone.

Import and export recipes

Long one of our most-requested features, we have built a new system for importing and exporting plugins that is incredibly robust and comprehensive. Build recipes on Staging sites and migrate them to a Live site, have our team send you a sample recipe when you get stuck and need support. The import and export system doesn’t just save triggers and actions; there is full support for conditions, loops, filters, delays, tokens and more.

Exporting a recipe couldn’t be easier from the list of all recipes; just hover over a recipe and look for the Export link:

Export a recipe

Importing is also straightforward. At the top of the list of all recipes under Automator > All recipes in /wp-admin/, there’s a new Import button you can use:

Import a recipe

We’re really excited about this feature and we hope you find it a valuable addition to your sites.

New integration: SureMembers

We’re thrilled to add support for our second member of the Sure brand family (after SureCart) to Automator’s list of integrations: SureMembers. This comprehensive membership platform for WordPress gets the following new triggers and actions:

  • New trigger: A user is added to an access group
  • New trigger: A user is removed from an access group
  • New action: Add the user to a specific access group
  • New action: Remove the user from an access group

Obviously there’s a lot of focus on access groups here, and for good reason. With this new support, you can have purchases add users to groups, trigger onboarding emails and course enrollments when a user is added to a group, remove users from a group when a subscription expires, etc.

New integration: AWeber

A popular email marketing platform, our new AWeber integration adds 3 new actions:

  • Add a subscriber
  • Add a tag to a subscriber
  • Update a subscriber

There are lots of use cases here. Maybe on registration a subscriber is added to AWeber, on purchase a tag is added to their profile, and when Xprofile fields are updated in BuddyBoss for a user then their AWeber profile is also updated accordingly.

New integration: Code Snippets

The Code Snippets plugin is an extremely popular tool for managing snippets of code from inside /wp-admin/. As you might expect, this new integration adds 2 new actions:

  • Activate a snippet
  • Deactivate a snippet

Perhaps on the last day of the month, a snippet of code that runs a sale is activated, enabled code that discounts prices and changes site branding, and on the first of the month the sale snippet is deactivated.

New OpenAI GPT-4o model support

Since its introduction last week, the new GPT-4o model has been making the headlines for its speed, new capabilities and low price point. We’re thrilled to add this new model as an option to our OpenAI “Use a prompt to generate text with the GPT model” action.

Google Sheets changes

Google recently implemented tighter security controls around Google Drive permissions, so our Google Sheets integration is being updated to comply.

Uncanny Automator 5.8 will take care of migrating your recipes over to the new requirements automatically, but you must still reconnect your account before August 10th to continue using Google Sheets in recipes:

  1. Go to Automator > App Integrations > Google Sheets.
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Select which files to use with Uncanny Automator. Any files selected here will be available in new Google Sheets actions.

New tokens

While small in number, there were some important additions to existing token sets in this release.

There’s a new “Common” token for user registration date, so now it’s easy to include the date users created their WordPress account in your actions.

In our Uncanny Codes integration, there are new tokens to output “remaining codes” and “total codes”. Similarly, the Uncanny Groups integration gains tokens for “remaining seats” and “total seats”.

Other updates

Aside from the important new features outlined above, our Slack integration adds “Bot name” and “Bot icon” as optional fields for actions so that additional branding options are possible. The FluentCRM actions to add and update a contact get a new filter to omit custom fields, and Pro users will see some UI changes to how we show credits in the dashboard.

For the full list of changes, make sure to check out the Uncanny Automator changelog.

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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