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Automator Pro 4.7: Jetpack CRM plus new features

We have some really exciting additions for Uncanny Automator Pro in today’s 4.7 release.

Jetpack CRM

The Uncanny Automator 4.7 release introduced a new integration for Jetpack CRM, and in Pro we’re taking that integration a lot further. The following triggers are also now available:

  • A company is deleted
  • A contact is deleted
  • A quote is created
  • A quote status is accepted
  • A transaction is deleted
  • An invoice is created
  • An invoice is deleted

And there’s one new action: “Change a contact’s status to a new status”. There are tons of use cases linked to these new additions, including:

  • Notify the sales team in Slack when a quote is accepted
  • Record deleted companies in Airtable so there’s an audit history of changes
  • Change a WordPress user’s role if their associated CRM contact is deleted

New triggers and actions

BuddyBoss gains 2 new triggers:

  • A user is banned from a specific type of group
  • A user receives a type of on-screen notification

For the first trigger, maybe when the ban is invoked the user gets removed from enrolled courses, an admin is notified and the user receives an SMS notification; they might also be removed from associated LearnDash groups and membership levels. And for the second trigger, maybe you also want some notifications to go out by SMS or to trick other actions for users.

There’s also one new BuddyBoss action: Send an email to all members of a group. This is much like our existing action to send a notification to all members of a group, but the action was requested by a customer to open up more notification channels.

LearnDash adds one new trigger: A user submits an essay for a quiz. Maybe you want to alert specific users when students submit an essay question, or maybe you want to pass essay details over to Google Sheets for review there. This could even be used to send users a copy of their essay answers on quiz submission.

For Gravity Forms, recipes can now be triggered by a specific field in an entry for a form being updated to a specific value. In other words, if a form entry involved in a Gravity Forms-based workflow has a value in the entry changed from Approved = No to Approved = Yes, Automator can run a recipe against it.

WP Simple Pay adds 1 new trigger: A subscription for a form is renewed. And speaking of subscriptions, WooCommerce Subscriptions adds a trigger for “a user’s subscription switches from a specific variation to a specific variation”. This one might be useful for upgrade and downgrade scenarios.

Finally, The Events Calendar gets an action to RSVP on behalf of an attendee for an event. This is pretty useful for when third parties need to register users in events.

Other new features

There’s a new condition for posts having (or not having) a specific taxonomy term. We’ve seen an increase in more complex recipes coming in to the Help Desk, and there are many situations where being able to target specific categories, tags or other taxonomy becomes important. An example might be, “When a user completes a course, share the accomplishment in the BuddyBoss sitewide activity feed–but only if it’s a course in the Advanced category”. And that’s where the new condition comes in. Because the trigger on its own can’t target by category, the new condition allows us to set actions to run only when the taxonomy of the course matches the condition criteria.

Taxonomy term condition

There are also a huge number of actions and integrations that gain support for action tokens in this release. We won’t list all of them (see the changelog for full details), but the following integrations are getting some type of new action token support: Advanced Coupons, AffiliateWP, bbPress, BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, Easy Affiliate, GiveWP and Peepso.

Amelia also gets full support for custom fields as tokens. If you’ve wanted to use data from your custom fields in recipes, Pro users can now leverage that data.

That covers the highlights for the Automator Pro 4.7 release! Full details (including the action token additions) are in the changelog.

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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