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Automator Pro 2.12: New Triggers, Actions & Enhancements

As we continue to focus on the huge 3.0 release, we wanted to get one big update out for Uncanny Automator Pro to address a handful of improvements and customer requests that just couldn’t wait. Today’s release of version 2.12 adds 21 enhancements for Pro users.

New Automator triggers

Automator Pro 2.12 includes several very important new triggers.

In Presto Player, a trigger is now available for initiating recipes when users watch a specific percentage of a video (in 10% increments). Instead of waiting for completion of a video, now recipes can run when a user has watched half or even 70%.

Presto Player video trigger

WooCommerce Subscriptions gains 2 new triggers because we had a number of requests from users that didn’t want subscription renewals to trigger recipes, only the initial subscription purchases. As an alternative to “A user purchases a product”, anyone wanting to target initial subscriptions only can use the new “A user subscribes to a product” trigger. Subscription details are available as tokens, including status, trial end date and subscription end date.

The new “A user’s subscription to a product is set to a status” is a complementary trigger that allows recipes to be run when something about a subscription changes. Maybe certain people should be notified when a subscription’s status changes to “Pending Cancellation” or access levels change.

MemberPress gains “A user’s membership to a specific product is paused” as a new trigger.

WordPress post management

Automator Pro goes a lot deeper now with the ability for recipes to change things about existing posts, including for custom post types. Today’s release adds 3 new WordPress Core actions:

  • Update the title of a post
  • Update the slug of a post
  • Update the content of a post

Update a WordPress Post

Since all of the above support tokens, this opens up a lot of opportunities to update posts with dynamic content. Do you manage multiple sites and sometimes wish that when you updated a page on one site, the equivalent page on the other site got updated with the same content automatically? Now you can do that with Automator natively.

New actions

BuddyBoss (and BuddyPress) get 3 new interesting actions that we had a lot of requests for:

  • Post a topic in a forum (handy if you want a discussion thread created automatically whenever a new blog post is published)
  •  Post a reply to a topic in a forum (maybe a user joining a new group posts in a “new member welcome” thread to greet the user)
  • Send the user a notification

The latter trigger is particularly interesting, because now you can trigger notifications for users for anything. Maybe when a student submits an assignment their teacher gets a BuddyBoss notification, or maybe a new affiliate transaction should notify the shop owner.

While not new actions exactly, the BuddyBoss actions for adding posts to activity streams (sitewide, user and group) gain a new selection option for “Author”. This means that the user linked to posts can now be defined rather than just be the user that initiated the triggers.

Tutor LMS gains an “Unenroll a user from a course” action. Now users can be automatically removed from a course when a CRM tag is removed, they submit a form, they complete the course, etc. This also aligns it better with our other LMS plugin support.

Plugin improvements

This release includes over a dozen improvements and fixes, so for this blog post we’ll focus on the highlights:

  1. When user passwords are updated by Automator actions we suppress the normal WordPress password change notification email to users. We heard of many situations where automatic password notifications were causing user confusion and needed to be disabled.
  2. The Tutor LMS trigger for a user being enrolled in a course now support “any course”.
  3. Strings in Uncanny Automator that include apostrophes are now translatable.
  4. Mailchimp API limits were raised.

That’s it for Automator 2.12 Pro! For full details, make sure to review the full changelog at

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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