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New integration: WordPress Multisite

Multisite as an integration? The title is probably confusing, since we have had some type of multisite support for our Automator Pro – Plus license and above since release. Usually, however, things that are multisite-specific require some complex work with user meta. The new integration will support triggers and actions that only apply to WordPress Multisite (MU).

New WordPress Multisite support

If you don’t use WordPress Multisite you can skip this section, or if you’re interested in an introduction, this article from WPBeginner is a good starting point. Basically it’s a way to create several connected WordPress installs, so a network of connected sites that share things like plugins, theme and database.

In this introductory release (for Plus license users and higher), we’re adding 1 trigger for a new Multisite integration:

  • A user is added to a subsite

Why is that useful though? Well, that’s one powerful use case from a customer: When a user is added to one site in a multisite network, give the users access to all or several sites. This is easy with an action to set user meta in a way that grants the additional site access. This is just the start; we’ll have some more triggers and actions for the Multisite integration soon.

BuddyBoss & BuddyPress

Uncanny Automator Pro 4.6 adds 5 new triggers for our BuddyBoss integration:

  • A user creates a forum
  • A user is suspended
  • A user is unsuspended
  • A user receives a private message from a user
  • A user sends a private message to a user

New BuddyBoss triggers

These new additions add lots of new use cases to BuddyBoss sites, like advanced notifications and reporting for suspensions and private messaging.

BuddyPress also gains 1 new action:

  • Send a private message to a specific user

Maybe when an admin adds a user to a course or membership level the user then receives a private message alerting them, or perhaps when a recurring payment fails the user receives a private message alerting them to the issue.


Our WooCommerce integration adds 3 new triggers and 1 new action:

  • New trigger: A product has its associated order refunded
  • New trigger: A product variation’s inventory is set to a status
  • New trigger: An order is partially refunded
  • New action: Change the price of a specific product to a new price

There are tons of new recipe options for these additions, most of which were requested by customers. Perhaps once a certain number of users have redeemed codes (with Uncanny Codes) for a live event then the associated ticket price goes up. When an order is partially refunded, maybe seats are subtracted from a LearnDash group connected to Uncanny Groups. With the new variation inventory trigger, you can implement better notification systems for low inventory based on variations instead of just regular products.

MemberPress Courses

Please note that these new features require you to update to Uncanny Automator 4.6 first. Once updated, 2 new MemberPress Courses triggers are available:

  • A user achieves a score greater than, less than or equal to a value on a quiz
  • A user achieves points greater than, less than or equal to a value on a quiz

These new triggers allow learning to be personalized to a far greater degree, ensuring users get the support they need based on the skills and knowledge they demonstrate. Simple examples here allow marking a quiz complete if users demonstrate sufficient knowledge in a pre-test (so if a quiz score is greater than 80, mark the associated course complete) and if students fail a final quiz, notify their manager and add a membership level that adds them to a remedial course and group.

The Events Calendar

Our Events Calendar integration gains a new Everyone trigger for ticket purchases:

  • An attendee is registered for an event with WooCommerce

This trigger of course has dependencies on the Event Tickets add-on (free or Pro), and allows ticket purchases to queue things like a WhatsApp reminder 5 days before the event or compiling an attendee list for the instructor in Google Sheets. If you’re wondering, “Couldn’t I just do that with an existing WooCommerce guest purchase trigger?”, the reason this new trigger is important is because of all of the token options it unlocks related to the event and ticket. There are tokens for custom fields in tickets, event ID, QR ticket ID and other ticket details.

Action Tokens

As the main new feature in the Uncanny Automator 4.6 release, new Action Token options are of course a huge part of the Pro release as well. Automator Pro 4.6 adds dozens of new action tokens for our Automator Core, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and WordPress. Anything you might need related to users, posts, subscriptions, orders, coupons and form entries are now available.

Automator action tokens

Here’s something interesting… with all of the new action tokens and trigger tokens in this release, we’re now close to 5,000 total unique tokens in Uncanny Automator.

Note: To use the new action tokens that were added in Pro 4.6, you must update to Uncanny Automator 4.6 or higher as well.

More new triggers, actions, tokens and conditions

While no less important than the new features above, Uncanny Automator Pro 4.6 also includes the following:

  • WPForms adds a new trigger for “A form is submitted with a specific value in a specific field with PayPal payment”. Form submissions work a bit differently when PayPal payment is involved, so this trigger was needed for more reliable recipes tied to payment forms.
  • WordPress Core gains “a specific type of post is set to a status” as an Everyone trigger. We had the logged in trigger, but this option expands support to some use cases that customers brought to our attention.
  • There’s a new condition for “the user does not have an active subscription to a specific product” for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • WooCommerce gets several new tokens related to order fees, shipping, refund amount, refund reason and variation IDs.

Those are the highlights for the Pro 4.6 release! Make sure to review the full list of changes in the Pro changelog.

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