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Uncanny Automator 2.0 is here!

After thousands of hours of design, development and testing, Uncanny Automator version 2.0 is finally here.  We took all of your feedback and incorporated it into a new version with game-changing new capabilities for WordPress eCommerce, eLearning and membership sites.

Anonymous recipes

In Uncanny Automator Pro version 2.0 there are now two distinct recipe types: Logged-in recipes, which is the recipe type that was available in 1.x, and new Anonymous recipes, which can be triggered by anyone, including users that are not logged-in. (Automator Lite does not support Anonymous recipes.)

What can you do with Anonymous recipes?  Glad you asked!

  • Add webhook capabilities your WordPress site.  Any service that can send a webhook in GET, POST, or PUT format can now send data to your WordPress site. And when you receive a webhook, you can use the data to create a new WordPress user or perform actions on an existing user, such as enrolling them in a course, adding them to a group, changing their role, or any of the countless actions supported by Automator.

  • Do anything with forms.  Whether you use Gravity Forms, WP Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Caldera Forms or Contact Form 7, with Automator 2.0 you can use forms to not only collect information, but also register new users and perform actions based on that information.

Magic button trigger

Uncanny Automator Pro version 2.0 also introduces a fantastic new trigger: the Magic Button.

This trigger lets your users manually trigger any recipe with the click of a button. Send an email, add users to a group or membership level, even trigger something in another platform via webhook actions.  If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to create custom action buttons on your WordPress site, your wish has been granted!

“User is created” trigger

Tired of manually setting up every new user that registers on your site?  The new User is created trigger runs a recipe on every new user that registers on your site. Automatically enroll new users in an introductory course, send new users a custom welcome email, or add all new users to a sitewide BuddyPress group. It works for admins too, so when you add a user, you don’t have to remember to send the user an email, add them to a membership level, give them access to courses: it all just happens automatically.

And much more!

Both new versions of Uncanny Automator include significant performance improvements and numerous fixes, along with even more new triggers and actions:

  • Lite: WordPress – Trigger: User views a custom post type – Supports all post types declared as public
  • Pro: WP Fusion – Trigger: Tag is added to a user – Fire multiple actions when a tag is added to a user in WP Fusion
  • Pro: LearnDash – Trigger: User is enrolled in a course – By popular request; trigger fires when a user self-enrolls or an Admin enrolls a user in a course
  • Pro: LearnDash – Trigger: User is added to a group – By popular request; trigger fires when a user self enrolls or an Admin or Group Leader adds a user to a group
  • Pro: LearnDash – Action: Mark Topic Not Complete – Handy for requiring users to redo coursework if they don’t pass a quiz
  • Pro: LearnDash – Action: Mark Lesson Not Complete
  • Pro: WordPress – Action: Send data to Webhook – A version of the Send data to Zapier webhook that works with any service that supports Webhooks

Since this is a major release, we recommend that you update on a staging site first and retest some of your existing recipes before upgrading your live site.

Head over to the changelogs (Pro, Lite) to see the full list of what’s new, then get updating!

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Ken Young
Ken is the co-founder of Uncanny Owl. With a background that ranges from running a solo web agency to developing eLearning at Google he brings a wealth of experience to building innovative, user-focused products.

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