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Slack and Mailchimp Integrations for WordPress

The Uncanny Automator 2.11 Pro release is now available and sure to shake things up in the WordPress no-code world. It includes 3 brand new integrations: Slack, Mailchimp and WP User Manager.

That’s right, it includes one new plugin integration (WP User Manager) but two new direct integrations with very popular apps: Mailchimp and Slack. The use cases are endless and we know these additions add significant value to Automator users. Let’s talk more about why these additions are so exciting.

Slack integration

With a few simple setup steps, you can connect your Slack workspace directly to your WordPress site. Here are the new actions we’re supporting:

  • Send a message to a channel
  • Create a channel
  • Send a direct message to a Slack user

Slack integration with WordPress

Yes, this means that for any of the hundreds of triggers we support, you can get notified in Slack about it—either your whole team in a channel or privately as a direct message. Here are some pretty interesting use case ideas:

  • When a user submits a form with a specific value (perhaps a support ticket flagged as Urgent), notify a support team in Slack
  • When you sell your most valuable product (like someone buying a year of Uncanny LP!), notify the team for both celebration and action
  • When a user cancels a subscription, notify someone by direct message so they can follow up

Mailchimp integration

It’s probably clear, but for a lot of WordPress users Automator can be a direct replacement for Zapier inside WordPress—and Mailchimp integration is why a lot of people use Zapier. Our integration goes way beyond just adding users to lists too; it’s far more powerful than most dedicated Mailchimp plugins for WordPress that we’ve seen.

Here are the new actions we support:

  • Add the user to an audience
  • Add a tag to the user
  • Remove a tag from the user
  • Add a note to the user
  • Unsubscribe the user from an audience
  • Create and send a campaign

Add a Mailchimp tag from WordPress

Once again, this allows any of the dozens of WordPress plugins and apps we support to update Mailchimp users, tags, audiences and campaigns directly from a WordPress website. Here are some recipe ideas for this new integration:

  • When a new blog post is published, automatically email the post to subscribers
  • When a user joins a private BuddyBoss group, add them to an audience so they receive targeted newsletters for that group
  • When a user completes a course, tag the user in Mailchimp
  • When a user’s access to a WooCommerce Membership expires, remove a tag from the user in Mailchimp

Important note: To make use of the Mailchimp actions you must update the free version of the Uncanny Automator plugin to version 2.10.2 or higher first.

WP User Manager

This growing user profile and community plugin with stellar reviews makes it easy to create registration, login and profile forms in WordPress. This new addition to Uncanny Automator supports all of the following triggers for WP User Manager:

  • A user registers using a form with a specific value in a specific field
  • A user is approved
  • A user is rejected
  • A user verifies their email address
  • A user updates their account information
  • A user joins a group
  • A user leaves a group
  • A user is approved to join a private group
  • A user is rejected from joining a private group

Please note that some of these triggers may have dependencies on WPUM addons, like WPUM Groups (for group-releated triggers) and WPUM Registration forms (for registration triggers).

But wait, there’s more!

We added a few requested options for other integrations too. Here’s what’s new:

  • WooCommerce trigger: A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order paid for with a specific method
  • AffiliateWP action: Create a referral for a specific affiliate
  • WordPress Core: Set a post to a status

A new free version of Uncanny Automator is being released with the Pro 2.11 update, but it is primarily to add support for the new Mailchimp integration and to fix a few issues in 2.10.1. The free 2.11 release isn’t quite ready yet, but it will include some new free integrations as well as some architectural changes to start preparing for the Spring 3.0 release.

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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