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New integrations: AffiliateWP, ShipStation, Woo Memberships & WP-Polls

The free version of Uncanny Automator 2.10 is now available for download! It’s another big release that adds 4 completely new integrations:

Adding support for these popular plugins (AffiliateWP in particular has been highly requested by Automator users) will open up a huge number of new recipe possibilities. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new for these plugins and others in the 2.10 release:


One of the most widely used affiliate management plugins for WordPress, AffiliateWP is what we use ourselves for affiliate tracking on WordPress sites. In Uncanny Automator 2.10, we’re adding support for these triggers:

  • A user becomes an affiliate
  • A new affiliate is awaiting approval
  • A new affiliate is approved
  • An affiliate makes a referral of a specific type

This makes it possible to do things like enrolling someone (and notifying them) in an onboarding course when accepted as an affiliate, awarding points when an affiliate makes a certain type of referral, adding the affiliate to a special group when approved, etc.

All 4 of the new triggers are in the free version of Uncanny Automator. And, as is typically the case, look for additional triggers and actions in the next Pro release.

AffiliateWP and WooCommerce Memberships


The Automator 2.10 release adds one trigger for the WP-Polls plugin: A user submits a poll. There are some interesting applications here, like maybe in LearnDash the Mark Complete button is hidden with CSS and poll submission is required to autocomplete a lesson and advance in a course. Another might be sending a coupon code to a user by email on submission to recognize their participation.

WooCommerce Memberships

This membership solution for WooCommerce users adds one new trigger (a user is added to a membership plan) and one new action (add the user to a membership plan). Uses of these new recipe options might include automations like adding a membership level when a user completes a course, add the user to a BuddyBoss group when they’re added to a membership plan, adding a Groundhogg tag to a user when they’re added to a membership level, etc.

WooCommerce ShipStation

If you sell physical goods via WooCommerce and use ShipStation for fulfillment, now you can trigger recipes when orders are shipped using our WooCommerce ShipStation integration. Emails are easy, but maybe you want to do more here, like tagging the user in a CRM via WP Fusion when an order ships, sending the confirmation to another platform via webhook or adding a shipping notification to a user’s BuddyPress activity feed.

MasterStudy LMS and Restrict Content Pro

Beyond the 4 new plugin integrations, the Automator 2.10 release includes 3 new triggers for MasteryStudy LMS users:

  • A user passes a quiz
  • A user fails a quiz
  • A user completes a lesson

These new triggers make it much easier to incorporate adaptive learning into MasterStudy courses (e.g. control enrollments and learning paths based on performance) and better engage learners.

Restrict Content Pro picks up one new action: Add the user to a membership level. This is going to be an important recipe component for Restrict Content Pro users.

That wraps up the 2.10 release; stay tuned for the Pro release in about 2 weeks!


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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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