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Automator Pro 2.9: One new integration, 20+ Triggers & Actions

Just in time for Black Friday, the Uncanny Automator Pro 2.9 release adds lots of new features and rounds out some of the integrations added in the free version of Uncanny Automator 2.9. We’re excited announce that the popular Newsletter plugin joins the Uncanny Automator family and we’ve got some big news for WP Job Manager, FluentCRM, Events Manager and Paid Memberships Pro users—to mention just a few.

Let’s jump right in.

Newsletter plugin for WordPress

Newsletter makes it easy to build lists and create, send and track emails right from your WordPress site. With over 300,000 active installs, it’s an easy way to implement an email marketing system without having to buy into expensive SaaS platforms.

Uncanny Automator Pro 2.9 includes one new anonymous trigger: A subscription form is submitted with a specific list (or any list) selected. This means that when someone signs up for a mailing list, you could create a user and add them to a course. Or maybe you want to add the new subscriber to a Google Sheet via Zapier, which isn’t supported in Newsletter otherwise. The new trigger opens up some interesting use cases if you use the Newsletter plugin.


Perhaps out most popular integration in the Automator 2.9 free release, our first set of triggers and actions for FluentCRM were great for adding tags to users and users to lists, but what about the removal side? Users of this plugin can now handle the other side of tags and lists with these new capabilities:

  • New Trigger: A user is removed from a list
  • New Trigger: A tag is removed from a user
  • New Action: Remove a tag from a user
  • New Action: Remove the user from a list

FluentCRM Actions for Automator

The new actions are especially powerful. When a user cancels a subscription, remove a tag from the user and the user from a list. When a tag is removed from a user, revoke their course access and update the user’s record in Knack via Integromat.

WP Job Manager

This Automator 2.9 addition gains a series of new triggers to handle more specific site requirements:

  • A user’s application to a specific type of job is set to a specific status
  • A user receives an application to a specific type of job
  • A user marks a specific type of job as filled
  • A user marks a specific type of job as not filled

For power users of the WP Job Manager plugin, these new trigger options make many new types of automations possible. Perhaps specific types of job applications should notify specific users, or maybe when a job is filled the system should post a message to a BuddyPress activity stream with the update. Whatever is needed, the additions in 2.9 Pro make it even easier to automate the job management process in WordPress.

Events Manager

Automator 2.9 Pro isn’t just about extending integrations added in the free version of 2.9; this popular plugin from our 2.8 release is getting some extra attention. Today’s release adds the following for Events Manager:

  • New Trigger: A user registers for an event with a specific ticket
  • New Trigger: A user unregisters for an event
  • New Action: Unregister the user from an event

Our support for this plugin was previously somewhat weak, but with these new triggers and an action all kinds of opportunities are possible. To use an example from today’s Pro release, maybe when a tag is removed from a user in FluentCRM then the user should be unregistered from an event in Events Manager. Or the opposite could even apply, so when a user unregisters from an event then a FluentCRM tag is removed. Other integrations are of course possible, but it’s interesting how new recipes can be made just from what’s new in 2.9 Pro.

Paid Membership Pro

We’re adding 2 very useful actions to Paid Memberships Pro:

  • Add the user to a membership level
  • Remove the user from a membership level

Paid Memberships Pro Actions

These actions were largely overdue and it’s great to now support some actions on the PMPro side. These will mean sites can do things like remove the user from a membership level when a Groundhogg tag is removed, add the user to a membership level after they attend an event scheduled with The Events Calendar, etc.


We added a single action to Elementor, but it’s a really important one: Show a popup to the user. We had tons of requests for this and it’s great that pops can not be triggered by anything that Uncanny Automator supports. We had many users requests that we add an alternative to Popup Maker, so we’re happy to add Elementor popups to Automator.


Automator 2.9 Pro gains new triggers for WooCommerce product reviews:

  • A user reviews a product
  • A user’s review of a product is approved
  • A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a product
  • A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a total greater than, less than or equal to an amount
  • A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a product in a category
  • A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a tag
  • A user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a specific quantity of a product

The new review triggers could perhaps post the review to Twitter via Zapier, add the user to a course as a thanks for the review or perhaps post the review to a BuddyBoss activity stream.

The new order triggers replace the simple purchase triggers that we previously had in Automator, as in some situations we saw order completions trigger recipes multiple times (it’s common for some plugins to change Woo order status more than once). This new trigger options will help to ensure that recipes aren’t executing more times than expected.

WP Foro

The popular forum plugin for WordPress gets one new action in 2.9 Pro: Remove the user from a group. What’s probably more interesting though is its token support; WP Foro triggers can now pass the post content as a token in actions. That means the contents of posts can be sent to other systems or included in notifications, among other things.

WP LMS, GiveWP, MyCred and More

The list of integration enhancements is starting to get long, so let’s summarize some of what else is new in Automator 2.9 Pro:

  1. In BuddyBoss and BuddyPress you can now send private messages to users with an action.
  2. WP LMS now supports adding the user to a course as an action.
  3. WordPress Core can now trigger recipes when a post is moved to the trash. Worried about accidentally deleting something? This trigger can help.
  4. GiveWP gains tokens so that billing fields from GiveWP triggers can now be used in recipe actions.
  5. The MemberPress action for adding the user to a membership now inherits the expiry settings set for the membership.

For the full list of changes, make sure to check out the changelog.

If you’re wondering if this 2.9 release means that the next major release will be the huge 3.0 update, we can confirm that there will be a 2.10 release first. This is a good thing, because some very useful additions will be included—including a very interesting integration with our most popular plugin.

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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  1. Thank you for the continued development of this plugin. I’m finding more and more uses for each day and every update! My website is starting to run itself which means more time for with my family!

  2. Thanks for adding the Elementor, BuddyBoss and MemberPress features. Very exciting!

    Do you know if the WP Fusion bug was fixed in this roll out? It wasn’t mentioned so I’ll await confirmation before upgrading.

    1. Spotted it on the full change-log, thanks a lot guys!

      WP Fusion – Tags are now loading consistently on all site configurations

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