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Pro 4.12: Membership conditions, triggers and more

Uncanny Automator Pro 4.12 is now available, and it includes a pretty broad range of new features and improvements. It is a smaller release as we prepare for big, final 4.x releases in a few weeks that will pave the way for the introduction of Uncanny Automator 5.0 in late June.

Membership conditions

Sometimes we release new features for integrations and wait to assess how people are using them. We then use feedback to decide whether or not to expand them more and extending features to other integrations. That’s the case with membership conditions, where we’re rolling out new conditions in 4.12 based on user feedback.

Paid Memberships Pro, Wishlist Member and WooCommerce Memberships now all gain variations of these conditions:

  • A user has a specific membership level or plan
  • A user does not have a specific membership level or plan

New membership conditions for Automator

This additional support makes it easy for Pro users to run actions only if a user does or does not have a certain associated membership. Only enroll a user in a course or send a certificate if they have a certain membership? No problem.

We’re also adding support for having any membership as an option, including for existing MemberPress conditions. This means you can run actions if a user has any membership rather than just targeting a specific one.

MemberPress triggers

Continuing with the membership theme, MemberPress gains 2 new triggers:

  • A coupon code is redeemed
  • A user’s payment for a product fails

Both are based on user feature requests. With the former, maybe a specific CRM tag is added to the user when a coupon code is redeemed, or perhaps coupon usage adds the user to a special webinar event. For payment failure, this will be useful to alert a sales team to intervene when something fails so they can reach out to the user personally and get payments back on track.

Archive triggers

We have triggers to easily fire recipes based on page and post views, but what about archives? Since those “pages” are neither actual WordPress pages or posts, Automator couldn’t target them. Now we can offer 2 new Pro triggers:

  • A user views the archive of a specific term in a specific taxonomy of a specific type of post
  • A specific term in a specific taxonomy of a type of post archive is viewed

Phew! Those are exhausting ways of basically saying that you can trigger recipes when people visit archive URLs and there are a lot of options to control it based on taxonomy and taxonomy term.

Change WooCommerce Subscription dates

WooCommerce Subscriptions gains 2 new actions:

  • Extend a user’s subscription to a specific product variation of a specific product by a number of days
  • Shorten a user’s subscription to a specific product by a number of days

Basically these actions mean that you can adjust the end dates of subscriptions, either adding days or subtracting them.

Other new additions

There’s a lot that’s new and useful in Automator Pro 4.12. Here are some of the highlights:

  • There’s a new Automator Core action to “Generate a random string”. We saw a few use cases from customers where generating some random identifier or value would be useful, so we created a nice solution that allows you to choose exactly what you want in the generated string. Once generated, the value is available as an action token in subsequent actions. The generator can be used for random numbers too. It looks like this:
    Automator generate a random string
  • BuddyPress and BuddyBoss users, now you can use the asterisk character (*) as a way to target any value in triggers relating to a user updating their profile.
  • Over in WooCommerce, the “user completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for a variable product with a variation selected” adds new product tokens. WooCommerce Subscriptions, meanwhile, now supports “any subscription” when choosing conditions (so that you can target users who have any subscription in an action, no matter which subscription it is).

Additional improvements are covered in the Automator Pro changelog. We hope you find the new features useful!

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Ryan Moore Director
Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.

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