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Post meta tokens

Post meta tokens enable you to retrieve a post meta value by specifying a post ID and post meta key.  This lets you access information stored in your post meta fields, such as course data, product data, order data and more, and use this information in actions to create powerful automations.

To access the token, search tokens for “post meta” or click Advanced and select Post meta:

You’ll see a modal dialog that lets you specify which post to retrieve the data from and which meta key contains the data you want to use in your automation:

Post Meta Tokens

You can even use a token to select a post or a meta key, which lets you dynamically choose which post and meta key to retrieve data from based on a trigger in the recipe.  For example, when a user completes a course, you can use the post meta token to retrieve any meta data from the course that was completed which, depending on the LMS plugin you have installed, may include things like the course’s start date, information about the instructor and more.

This token can also retrieve simple non-hierarchical data from ACF fields.  You simply need to enter the name of the meta key that stores the ACF field data into the Meta key field.

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