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Displaying Custom User Fields

Note: This addon requires an Uncanny Automator Plus or Elite license.

Once you’ve defined a custom user field in the addon settings panel and start populating the field with data using recipes, forms, or manually, you may want to display this data to users on a page on your site.

Using a shortcode to output custom user data

The Custom User Fields Addon includes shortcodes that make this easy. To find the shortcode that outputs the data stored in a specific custom field, simply go to the settings page and look for the shortcode next to the desired field:

Click the copy icon on the right side of the field to copy the shortcode, then go to your page and paste it wherever you want the data to appear. Depending on what information the custom user field field contains, you may want to display it on a user profile page, a My account page, some kind of dashboard, or anywhere that makes sense for your users.


We’ll also be adding a block to output the custom user field data, but in the meantime, the shortcode can be used in a text block or a shortcode block in the block editor.

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