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Automate your WordPress site and apps

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Trusted by 40,000+ companies

Slash development costs and replace dozens of plugins with the most popular automation plugin for WordPress

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Connect 170+ plugins & apps

Simple no-code, visual builder

Share posts on social media

Delay & schedule automations

Eliminate custom development

Replace expensive plugins

Let Automator do the magic

Connect your plugins, sites and apps together to automate tasks and workflows—flawlessly.

Next-gen no-code automation for WordPress

Say goodbye 👋 to creating your own developer apps, writing pseudo code and fumbling through non-intuitive builders.

Simple recipe builder

Create advanced automations in minutes that connect to your favourite plugins, other WordPress sites and non-WordPress apps.

Easy dynamic content

Use data from users, form submissions, courses and anything else in your recipes. We support 8,100+ tokens / variables!

Delays and scheduling

Create trials, course reminders, live events and more with support for delaying and scheduling actions in a recipe.

Connect to anything

With 170+ integrations, we have all popular WordPress plugins, social media apps and web tools covered.


Run actions on the users and posts you want, whether it’s a matching email address, a membership level, product purchase or CRM tag.

1-click integrations

Connect to Google Sheets Google Sheets Facebook Pages Facebook Pages X/Twitter X/Twitter WhatsApp WhatsApp Slack Slack and more using our industry-leading 1-click app integrations.

Built for developers

Full developer documentation and code samples, plus support for running any WP hook or custom function in your recipes.

Robust webhooks

The most powerful webhook support for WordPress allows security headers, arrays, unlimited nesting, and any format you can think of.

Own your data

All WordPress plugin recipe data stays safely on your site, not processed and stored by a service you can’t control.

Unparalleled support

Our Help Desk Happiness rating was 96 for the 12 months ended July 31, 2023—an extraordinary feat for WordPress plugin vendors.

Full meta support

No token available? Automator can pull data from any user or post meta value, or even run calculations on existing values.

Unlimited usage

Set up as many recipes as you want and run them an unlimited number of times, even posting to social media and other websites.

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Why Uncanny Automator ?

Get to know why people love Automator.

“With this plugin, WordPress sites become intelligent. It is an exceptionally useful product and the customer service I experienced was fast and thorough“
Stephen P
WordPress Core
“I tried 3 or 4 automator plugins before I decided on Uncanny [Automator]. Boy did I make the right choice, as the support I’ve received has been exceptional.“
Noel A
WordPress Core
“Really impressed by Uncanny Automator – a gamechanger. The plugin is clearly built very well and performs cleanly and consistently.”
Richard F
WordPress Core
I love it so much that I’m looking for more ways to streamline and automate our processes now. Such a great product!”
Steph W
WordPress Core
“Can’t speak highly enough about how useful and effective this plugin is… brilliant support too.”
Neil A
WordPress Core
“Thank you so much for making Uncanny Automator. It has completely opened up what is possible with WordPress, ecommerce, online courses, etc.”
Adam @ WPCrafter
WordPress Core

Reliability & versatility backed up by stats

Enterprise class automation

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FAQ and resources

Have a question about Uncanny Automator? We can help!

Uncanny Automator is a free plugin available on that includes our most popular integrations, triggers and actions. Upgrade to Pro for advanced features like delays, scheduling, conditions, user creation and more. Pro also adds hundreds of additional triggers, actions and tokens.
Anyone with a WordPress site can use Uncanny Automator, and it only takes minutes to create recipes that can automate routine tasks. Sites with ecommerce, memberships, elearning and social media will likely save the most time, and sites with many plugins or custom development needs will save the most money. Automator can probably replace 15% or more of your existing plugins.
Anyone can build recipes in minutes! Even the variables in recipes are presented in plain English and advanced features are hidden until they’re needed. With our 1-click integrations, you don’t even need to set up developer accounts to connect your favourite apps.
Uncanny Automator is designed to be extremely efficient across a variety of platforms, even with hundreds of recipes and millions of recipe runs.
Our free version of Uncanny Automator comes with a forever free license that allows unlimited recipes and unlimited use of triggers and actions in WordPress plugins. Pro users gain unlimited use of social media posting and connecting to non-WordPress apps.
We offer a 14-day, no questions asked refund policy for all Pro purchases. There’s no risk to trying out Uncanny Automator Pro!

Join over 40,000 websites using Uncanny Automator

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