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Restrict WordPress Pages & Posts

Note: This addon requires an Uncanny Automator Plus or Elite license.

Once you have created access levels for using the Restrict Content addon, controls are added to pages and posts that allow you to control who has access to them.

Restrict access to WordPress Pages & Posts

Restrict WordPress Pages & PostsWhen the Restrict Content plugin is activated on a site, it adds a new metabox to edit post and pages, both to the block editor and Classic editor. The controls in this metabox allow you to control access to a page or post based on:

  • Whether or not the user is logged in
  • WordPress role
  • Access level
  • Custom user field values (if the Custom User Fields addon is installed and active)

If the user meets whatever criteria is set for the page, it will load normally and they will see the content.

If the user does not meet the criteria, then by default they will not be redirected and will just see the contents of the “Access restriction message” that was set on the Automator SettingsAddonsRestrict content page.

If the Redirect if access is denied checkbox is checked, you can choose a target page or URL. Any users not meeting the criteria to view the page or post will be directed here instead.

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