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Bring the power of email marketing to WordPress

Today, WordPress is used as an eCommerce platform, a membership platform, an eLearning platform and much more. But because WordPress’ native email capabilities are almost non-existent, companies have had to resort to external solutions for basic email capabilities such as list and subscription management.

The User Lists Addon changes that. Now, WordPress admins can leverage Uncanny Automator’s powerful integration capabilities along with the Restrict Content, Custom User Fields and User Lists addons to build a tightly integrated, fully automated business and marketing platform on WordPress.

A solution for automated, personalized messaging

With the User Lists Addon, business owners can segment their audiences to provide high-value, fully automated personalized communications that respond to user behaviour. Segment users based on their interests, purchases, memberships, groups, course enrollments and more. Then create one time emails or drip campaigns tailored to each group. Or go beyond email and send SMS (via Twilio) and WhatsApp messages to your lists.

Get started with the Uncanny Automator User Lists Addon.

The User Lists Addon makes it easy to segment your users for various communication channels including email, SMS and WhatsApp or to simplify bulk operations.

Create unlimited user lists

Create new lists to segment your users based on their purchases, memberships, groups, courses and more.

Seamless integration with WordPress

View and manage user lists easily in all of the places you would expect, like WordPress’ default edit user page.

Send personalized communications

Use lists to send personalized communications to your lists across multiple channels, including email, SMS (via Twilio) and WhatsApp.

Built-in list management

Users can easily manage their list subscriptions from a WordPress page. Deep integration with Uncanny Automator enables subscription management links to work for users even if they’re logged out.

Seamless integration with Uncanny Automator

Run bulk actions on segments of your users with the included loop filters. Bulk enroll segments in groups or courses, or send individual coupon codes to reward specific user segments.

How do I get the User Lists Addon?

The User Lists Addon is included free with every Uncanny Automator Business or Agency license.

FAQ and resources

Have a question about the Uncanny Automator User Lists Addon? We can help!

While Uncanny Automator is a free plugin available on, there is no free version or demo of the User Lists Addon. Upgrade to a Business or Agency license for the User Lists Addon as well as advanced features like delays, scheduling, conditions, user creation and more. All paid licenses also add hundreds of additional triggers, actions and tokens.

Anyone looking for a simple segmentation tool for their WordPress users would benefit from the User Lists Addon. Segment users for communications, bulk operations, or simply a way to organize users.

If you’re looking to manage lists of contacts—that is, people who do not have user accounts on your WordPress site—this plugin probably isn’t the right solution for you. The User Lists Addon does not currently have any contact management capabilities.

With the User Lists Addon, anyone can add user lists in seconds—no coding skills needed! Use a simple GUI to add, remove or edit user lists. Lists are automatically made available in the most useful locations and screens.

No! Once you’ve installed the User Lists addon, you can create as many user lists as you need.

Check out the Knowledge Base articles for additional info on the User Lists Addon.

We offer a 14-day, no questions asked refund policy for all paid license purchases. There’s no risk to trying out Uncanny Automator!
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