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Upgrading to Uncanny Automator 3.0+

Uncanny Automator 3.0 brought many awesome new features and a revised architecture.  As such, it is a major update and should be tested on a staging copy of your site before deploying it to your live environment.

If you do not have an Uncanny Automator Pro license, simply test the update on a staging site, then update your live site when ready.

If you have an active Uncanny Automator Pro license and your current Uncanny Automator Pro version is 2.12.1 or older, the safest upgrade route is to update Uncanny Automator Pro first, then update Uncanny Automator.  This avoids issues if LearnDash or BuddyBoss are also installed.

If you have an expired Uncanny Automator Pro license, we recommend renewing your license to get access to all that Uncanny Automator Pro offers, including the architecture updates and the ability to delay and schedule actions.  If you do not want to renew your license, we’d suggest not updating Uncanny Automator beyond version 2.11.1.  You can download version 2.11.1 here. Look for the Advanced Options section near the bottom of the page and select a specific version to download.

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