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Triggers and actions

Choose any combination of triggers to initiate any combination of actions. Combine triggers an actions from any supported integrations to create powerful recipes!


An ad is set to a specific status

A user submits a form

A form is submitted

An ad's status changes from a specific status to a specific status Pro

A user submits a form with a specific value in a specific field Pro


Set an ad to a specific status

Register a new user Pro

Register new users in any recipe with Automator Pro

Create tasty recipes!

Create a workflow automation that runs a Advanced Ads action when a Forminator trigger is completed (and vice versa). Add triggers and actions from other plugins to add even more automation. The only limit is your imagination.

What do I need?

Get started in 4 easy steps.


Advanced Ads

Set up and connect Advanced Ads.


Set up and connect Forminator.

Get Uncanny Automator

Get Uncanny Automator and install it.

Create your recipe

Create a recipe to connect Advanced Ads to Forminator using a simple but powerful interface. Turn your recipe on and watch the magic happen!

Popular Advanced Ads and Forminator integrations

Why stop there? Connect Advanced Ads and Forminator to many other plugins and services to create streamlined workflows for your entire site.

Connect Advanced Ads to Forminator

Don't work on your site—make your site work for you. Build your first workflow between Advanced Ads and Forminator in 10 minutes or less. Start saving time and money today.

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